DBR Series ลำโพงแบบมีภาคขยายเสียงในตัว

Functional Speaker Cover

Yamaha's newly designed functional speaker covers that protect your speakers from unfavorable weather conditions during outdoor performances, dusty and dirty warehouse storage, or the rigors of equipment transport on the road.

- Trilaminar fabric of durable polyester, with inner PVC coat and cushion inside for impact suppression

- Front mesh allows sound reinforcement with the cover as well as ensures amp cooling

- Rear roof allows easy access to the rear panel with the cover on

- Handle slit allows easy access to the handles for carriage

- Inner pocket additional space for carrying cables

*NOTE: The covers do NOT guarantee water-drip protection.

Compatible Speakers

Compatible Speakers
SPCVR-1001 DXR10, DBR10, CBR10
SPCVR-1201 DXR12, DBR12, CBR12
SPCVR-1501 DXR15, DBR15, CBR15

Speaker Braket

Speaker Braket

Baton Bracket: BBS251

Ceiling Bracket: BCS251

Wall Bracket: BWS251-300/400