DBR Series ลำโพงแบบมีภาคขยายเสียงในตัว


Wherever your music may take you, DBR Series loudspeakers are up to the task of delivering powerful, high-quality sound with an un-matched economy of transport and setup time. The most portable powered loudspeakers Yamaha has to offer, the versatile DBR Series harnesses the same state-of-the-art Yamaha DSP and amplifier and speaker technologies developed for the professional DSR Series and DXR Series lineups, ensuring high-resolution sound at any output level. Comprised of 10”, 12” and 15” models, each DBR loudseaker is housed in a newly designed, durable, lightweight cabinet optimized for FOH sound, floor-monitoring and even rigged applications. Whether you're powering your band’s live performance, DJ-ing a party, or MC-ing an event, be prepared for DBR Series speakers to take your performance to the next level.

DBR15 ลำโพงแบบ 2 ทาง พร้อมภาคขยายในตัว ลำโพงขนาด 15 นิ้ว

ราคา: ฿ 32,000 / ข้าง

The DBR15 achieves best-in-class SPL of up to132dB and delivers the lowest frequency in its lineup. The DBR15 delivers outstanding performance for the main front-of-house sound for the live performance or DJ events that require highly prominent low and more power.

DBR12 ลำโพงแบบ 2 ทาง พร้อมภาคขยายในตัว ลำโพงขนาด 12 นิ้ว

ราคา: ฿ 27,000 / ข้าง

The DBR12 represents a perfect balance of size and performance, with 1000W of power and outstanding resolution at any output level. Ideal for front-of-house, floor monitoring applications or even the stage side fills, the DBR12 is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

DBR10 ลำโพงแบบ 2 ทาง พร้อมภาคขยายในตัว ลำโพงขนาด 10 นิ้ว

ราคา: ฿ 22,000 / ข้าง

The DBR10 is the most compact model in its series and in its class. Capable of delivering a maximum SPL of 129dB from its compact enclosure, the DBR10 can be used as a utility speaker in a variety of environments.