Systems 1: Automatic mixing System (Meeting room, Convention center etc)

In a meeting room or a convention center where a number of microphones are used, MRX7-D Dugan Automatic mixing function can manage the level of each microphone, achieving better clarity in sound and suppressing unwanted feedback.At the same time, in combination with other functions, the MRX7-D can offer comfortable sound environment.

Systems 2: Remote Conference System (ex. Conference room)

Utilizing AEC function of MRX7-D, multiple participants in separate meeting rooms can join a remote teleconference. PA system in a meeting room can be operated via an iPad with ProVisionaire touch.

(In addition, Speech Privacy System in MRX7-D can be utilized if confidential subjects should be avoided from leaking outside of the room.)

Systems 3: Conference rooms (Medium) with Speech privacy system

If conferences are held at the same time in two adjacent conference rooms, there may be concerns about overhearing mutual conversations, which could distract conference attendees. This system utilizes the Speech Privacy function to prevent the content of conversations in the conference rooms from leaking into the corridor. At the same time, it also masks the content of meetings in neighboring conference rooms to provide a comfortable environment where attendees can concentrate on each meeting.

Systems 4: Assembly Hall with Dante Audio Networking System

This hall can be used in its entirety or partitioned for conferences, seminars, lectures, panel discussions, and other events, with a Dante network for audio communication. MRX7-D can mediate via Dante networking, allowing audio to be shared in a variety of ways.

When the entire hall is used either the CL3 digital mixing console in the control room or the QL1 digital mixing console in the hall area can be used. When the hall is partitioned the QL1 is used for the stage-end division while the CL3 is used for the remaining division.

The I/O rack and QL1 digital mixing consoles in the hall can be positioned as required and connected to the nearest of multiple Ethernet ports provided around the hall.