A Total Studio Environment

Two types of control surface units can be used individually or in combination, according to system needs. Three types of high-end audio interface are available, usable individually or in combination as required: 16-channel analog, 16-channel digital, and 8-channel analog + 8-channel digital

Workspace units for a streamlined and productive working environment

Nuage Workspace units feature dimensions and design that are a perfect match for the Nuage Fader and Nuage Master units, allowing a keyboard, surround panner, 19 inch rack mount devices, and other custom extras to be added to a Nuage system while maintaining overall workflow and visual unity. Two Nuage Workspace units are available: a large model that is the same size as the Nuage fader unit, and a small model that can be added to a Nuage Master unit to match the width of a standard 24” monitor display.

Ultra-low latency and solid reliability with high channel counts

The Dante Accelerator audio interface card can be installed in the computer running the Nuendo DAW to provide extra low-latency transfer of as many as 128 simultaneous channels of audio data, for a distinct performance advantage when communicating with Nuage I/O units. The Dante Accelerator card also features a secondary port that can be used to provide redundant connections* for failsafe reliability. *Available with firmware update scheduled in Summer 2013

Ready for Large MultiDAW Projects

A Nuage system can connect to up to four* DAWs that can be brought online individually from the Nuage Fader DAW SELECT controls. The various DAWs can be located in separate studios or machine rooms where they are used to handle separate elements of a large project, and then brought together at the Nuage system for final assembly and editing. And since Nuage includes HUI control compatibility, it provides basic access to any HUI compatible DAW that you might want to use as a player or dubber. * Up to three DAWs with the initial firmware, increasing to four DAWs with a subsequent firmware update.

The whole world of audio post in one powerful package. - NUENDO 6 -

Now that everyone is thoroughly familiar with computer trackpads, the Nuage Touch Slider will be easy. Simply slide a finger along the horizontal Touch Slider strip to shift Nuendo channels left or right in relation to the Nuage Fader channel strips, use flick gestures to quickly shift a larger range of channels, or use the “Bank Flick” feature to flick channels in groups of eight. There are also customizable channel layouts that bring important channels to the surface with just one button press. Lock your stem or master busses to the surface to access them at any time.

Top 10 Features of NUENDO 6

- World’s most dedicated audio post-production environment A wealth of features for TV, film, advertising, games, and multimedia production. - Revolutionary new mixing console New single-window concept and a cornucopia of workflow-accelerating functions. - NUENDO 6 ADR Taker An ideal solution for voice recording and language dubbing, making external ADR redundant. - Fully integrated loudness measurement EBU-compliant metering with a large choice of RMS metering scales and dedicated loudness lane. - IOSONO Anymix Pro for state-of-the-art surround The world’s most flexible surround panner plus quality up-mixing algorithms. - NUENDO 6 Channel Strip Enhanced mixes with direct access to professional channel strip modules. - VOXENGO Curve EQ with sound matching technology Enhanced mixes with direct access to professional channel strip modules. - Steinberg ASIO Guard Extensive dropout-prevention techniques for maximum playback reliability. - Remote Control Editor Assign individual effects and instrument parameters to the hardware control surface. - Pro Sound Effects post production library 1.5 gigabytes of top-quality 24-bit sound effects, from animals to Foley to warfare and more.

Sample-accurate timecode synchronization for audio and video. - NUENDO SYNCSTATION -

Precision machined from solid high-quality stainless steel stock, this jog wheel contributes to effortless editing and transport control with weight, inertia, and comfort that can make even marathon editing sessions a pleasure. Resolution is notably higher than the average editing jog wheel too, for unmatched accuracy in controlling forward and reverse playback at up to 8x speed, scrubbing, object and range selection, zoom, fades, and more.

Powerful ADR Tools Built In

The Nuage system is packed with essential audio production features, and the facilities provided for dubbing and Foley are second to none. Operating in concert with Nuendo, an ADR Status Indicator shows the Rehearse/Record/Review status of actors in the video window, a Free Run Mode allows simultaneous recording of multiple scenes, and an ADR Take List enables easy management of takes. These and other features can be a huge advantage in demanding post-production environments. *ADR mode is only available when using Nuendo. *Panel shown with custom overlay sheet attached.

Advanced Automation Control

Nuage provides a complete duplicate of the Nuendo/Cubase Automation Panel where all automation settings can be managed as a group, with full access from the Nuage Master unit Multi Function Display. It is also possible to select the automation punch-out mode (Touch, Auto-latch, Cross-over) and the post punch-out behavior (Fill to Punch, Fill to Start, Fill to End) from the Nuage controls. Of course automation read and write buttons are provided on each channel strip, adding to the system's overall automation convenience and flexibility.

"Control Room" Enables Large Studio Style Monitoring and Communication

The Nuendo/Cubase Control Room feature replicates large-console monitoring facilities in software. Control Room is faithfully recreated on the Nuage Master panel, providing a full-function monitoring and communication environment without having to add extra equipment.

Control Room

- Up to four different monitor environments with different speaker configurations. - MIX, EXTERNAL INPUT, and CUE 1-4 monitor source selection. - Eight input/output buses can be registered and switched for the MIX source. - Six external sources can be registered and switched for the EXTERNAL INPUT source. - Talkback channel and headphone output included. - Level display can be switched between the Nuendo/Cubase level (dB) and SPL.

User Assignable Section

Every engineer has his or her own way of approaching the editing process, and every application presents different challenges. The Nuage Master unit features a "User Assignable Section" with controls that can be customized by the operator to provide direct access to the functions and parameters needed for the task at hand. Functions that need to be performed repeatedly, such as importing audio files, for example, can be assigned for one-button efficiency. 12 hardware user assignable buttons and 96 soft keys (24 x 4 banks) provide plenty of capacity.

Fully Ready for Pro Tools Control

Although Nuage is primarily designed to work with a Steinberg Nuendo or Cubase DAW, the NUAGE PT Bridge driver allows efficient operation with Avid Pro Tools as well.* In addition to basic DAW control, it is possible to control plug-ins and assign shortcut keys to the Nuage user assignable buttons. Pro Tools can be implemented as the system's main DAW, or Nuendo can be the main DAW with Pro Tools also available to open and edit previously created Pro Tools sessions or accommodate outside engineers who bring in Pro Tools sessions. *As of July 2015 compatibility is provided with Mac OS editions of Pro Tools 10 through 12 and Pro Tools HD 10 through 12. *Nuendo or Cubase must be assigned as DAW A. Up to two Pro Tools instances can be simultaneously used per system. *Refer to the Nuage owner's manual for information on Pro Tools parameters that can be controlled from Nuage.

Ideal Environment for Dolby Atmos Mixing

Nuage provides full support for the VST MultiPanner 3D surround plug-in included with Steinberg’s Nuendo. The VST MultiPanner interface is faithfully reproduced on the Nuage Master touch screen, providing an ideal environment for Dolby Atmos surround production and bringing Nuage up to speed with today’s fastest-growing immersive surround format. VST MultiPanner makes it possible to work on a 9.1 channel bed mix and an object mix with up to 118 audio objects via a single display. As a project progresses the operator can switch between bed and object modes without having to redo the panning. Top View and Rear View displays make it easy to visualize the positions of audio images within the sound stage in three dimensions. A comprehensive selection of panning trajectory presets is also provided for smooth, efficient sound design. Experience the cutting edge of 3D audio.

Enhanced Monitor Control

Enhanced Monitor Control

Nuage supports remote control of Yamaha’s MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System so that source selection, levels, downmix and dimmer switching, talkback, and other functions can be controlled directly from physical controls on a Nuage Master or Nuage Fader unit. And because these functions can be accessed even when there is no computer or DAW online, monitor section operation is as direct and immediate as on a mixing console.

Refined Exterior Design

The Nuage development team believes that a great console needs to offer more than features and functionality. It must also have sophisticated visual appeal that, as the centerpiece of the studio, will add a touch of class to the environment . That "atmosphere" is important whether a client is in the room or a creator is working long hours alone. The elegantly reserved design of the Nuage system expresses its advanced capabilities while solidly anchoring the visual space. Several product design awards from around the globe attest to its success.

NUAGE WORKSPACE for a streamlined and productive working environment

Nuage Workspace units feature dimensions and design that are a perfect match for the Nuage Fader and Nuage Master units, allowing a keyboard, surround panner, 19" rack mount devices, and other custom extras to be added to a Nuage system while maintaining overall workflow and visual unity. Two Nuage Workspace units are available: a large model that is the same size as the Nuage fader unit, and a small model that can be added to a Nuage Master unit to match the width of a standard 24" monitor display. The palm rests on the Nuage Fader unit and large Nuage Workspace unit include a compartment that can house a computer keyboard. *The photo shows a custom installation.

Every Function within Easy Reach - Ergonomically refined layout supports your workflow -


[AUTOMATION] : Provides access to automation functions. [CHANNEL STRIP] : Each channel strip has a touch-sensitive 100mm motor fader, two multi-function knobs, and a channel name/icon/color display. [CHANNEL VIEW CONTROL] : Selects the channel category to be controlled by the panel faders. [CONTROL ROOM] : Allows operation of the Nuendo/Cubase Control Room feature for monitor and communication control. [DAW SELECT] : Selects between up to three connected DAWs. [FLIP] : Allows the parameters assigned to the knobs to be controlled via the faders. [PAGE CONTROL] : Controls display cursor movement and screen switching. [SECTION CONTROL] : Selects the parameters to be controlled by the multi-function knobs. [UNIT LINK] : Links or separates operation of up to three units. [USER ASSIGNABLE] : Allows unrestricted shortcut assignment. [WORKSPACE] : Recalls pre-programmed DAW window layouts.


[AUTOMATION] : Provides access to automation functions. [COMMUNICATION] : Assignment and control of the Control Room talkback function. [CONTROL ROOM] : Links to the Nuendo/Cubase Control Room feature, allowing switching between monitor speakers, downmixes, and more. [CUES] : Switches Control Room cues 1-4 on or off.[DAW SELECT] : Selects between up to three connected DAWs. [EDIT] : Allows object/region selection, copy/paste editing, and more. [GENERAL CONTROL] : Project file save, cursor movement, and other operations. [JOG WHEEL] : Six modes and seven functions control a wide range of parameters. [MONITOR SOURCE] : Switches Control Room sources (8 x EXTERNAL INPUT, 8 x MIX, 4 x CUE). [MULTI FUNCTION DISPLAY] : Touch screen and knob provide access to all major parameters and operations. [NUMERIC PAD] : Switches between six modes, allows numeric cursor and marker position entry, and more. [TRANSPORT] : Transport control, punch in/out, and project window recall. [USER ASSIGNABLE] : Assigns shortcuts to the 12 user assignable buttons.

A groundbreaking audio post-production solution at the heart of the Nuage system for audio and audio-for-video projects

Nuendo is an audio post production DAW that is a favorite with sound designers, mixers, and editors for its blazing editing speed, efficiency enhancing convenience, unrivaled sonic quality, and rock-solid stability. It also offers a comprehensive set of features for audio-to-picture work. A comprehensive selection of surround mixing tools, dedicated ADR tools for dialog recording, refined loudness management, audio middleware support, and many more innovations provide capabilities that offer significant advantages for all types of audio post production for visual media such as movies, television, and games. By dedicating Nuage control surface displays, buttons, and knobs to the advanced features in Nuendo, even greater creative control and efficiency are achieved for production quality that even the most demanding client or producer will applaud.

The DAW that can be the key to unlocking an artist's creativity for inspired musical innovation

For more than 30 years Cubase has been the go-to DAW for leading artists and producers who depend on it to compose, record, mix, and edit cutting-edge creations. Proven sonic quality is complemented by virtual instruments and effects that spark the artists' imagination, an extensive selection of composition support tools, powerful audio/MIDI editing capabilities, and more features that are constantly being refined or added in cooperation with some of the most respected creators in the business. The result is a refined music creation tool that effortlessly covers a wide range of styles. Nuage makes it easy to get the most out of the extensive capabilities that Cubase offers, providing a creative environment that is more intuitive, powerful, and productive than any other.