CMC series

Modular Controller System

The CMC series is made up of six USB-powered controllers that can be individually combined to form a custom-made Cubase control desk. Whether beat creation, transport control, editing or multi-track mixing, there is the perfect model for every task. Each of the six slim-sized units is unique in its own way and features a dedicated set of illuminated rotary encoders, touch faders or pads — each of them designed to take hands-on control of a specific section in Cubase. Due to the adoption of Cubase’s icons and color scheme, users will instantly feel at home with the workflow. Take control, keep focused and be flexible — the CMC series will tremendously speed up your recording, editing and mixing workflow no matter if you are in the studio or on the go.• Six unique micro controllers perfectly tailored to Cubase users• Modular approach allows for flexible expansion• Most seamless Cubase integration ever seen• Innovative technology including high-resolution touch fader• Portable due to compact design and USB power


By providing an innovative, highly precise touch fader, 16 backlit buttons and a rotary encoder, the USB-powered CMC Channel Controller brings hands-on access to all channel-related Cubase functions.


The CMC-FD is a cutting-edge USB-controller featuring four high-resolution touch faders with integrated LED metering, solo/mute function and support for simultaneous use of up to four units.


The USB-powered CMC Quick Controller houses 13 backlit buttons alongside eight rotary encoders to provide precise tactile control over virtually any effect, EQ and performance parameter in Cubase.


With 16 backlit rubber pads, a rotary encoder and two working modes, the CMC-PD is the ultimate controller to create dynamic grooves and to remote control your favorite DAW functions.


Featuring a high-precision touch slider with six working modes, 17 backlit rubber buttons and user-assignable functions, the CMC-TP controller provides instant, hands-on access to the Cubase transport section.


Featuring Steinberg’s groundbreaking AI Knob, ten rubber buttons and dedicated working modes, the portable CMC AI Controller is a truly versatile and time-saving addition to any Cubase system.