YCHS7106 Stands New

YCHS7106 Stands New

This is Yamaha's smaller chime tube stand that can be used to hang less than 6 tubes from YCHT7100 Series.

Chime tubes and mallets are not included. Please purchase separately.

The longer tubes from extra tone range (YCHT7149A, YCHT7150A#, YCHT7151B) can be also hung on the stand.

The hanger unit (including handing wires) of YCH7018, YCH6018, YCHS7018, YCHS7006 can be retro-fitted by using new model’s service parts kit. Please contact your nearest Yamaha dealer shop for further details.


Guide Plate

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The damper board has the same dimensions as the YCHS7118 damper board. 

The damper prevents excessive movement of the chime tubes when they are struck, allowing broad musical expression over the full pp to ff dynamic range.

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