SIAM MUSIC YAMAHA CO., LTD. (“Yamaha”) believes that protecting the personal data of each customer (a “customer” or “you”) is Yamaha’s obligation under laws and ordinances as well as an essential social responsibility.

Yamaha operates its business in Thailand and processes personal information sets forth this “Privacy Policy” as follows (this “Privacy Policy”), respects rights regarding your personal data, and protects such rights in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 (“Personal Data Protection Law” or “PDPA”)

1. Sources and Categories of personal data

1.1 Source of personal data that Yamaha may collect

● Personal data you create and provide to Yamaha, or held by Yamaha

Yamaha may collect your personal data covers personal data you provide to Yamaha or held by Yamaha, or given by people related to you or your business, your parent or statutory agents according to the applicable laws, including those authorized or assigned by you or acting on your behalf as the following cases:

- When you have entered into a contract executed with Yamaha such as distributor agreement, franchisee agreement supplier agreement;

- When you have requested, registered, ordered or purchased Yamaha’s product, services and music school courses, which held by Yamaha and/or Yamaha owned the exclusive rights to provide and distribute under Yamaha’s qualities and standards (“Yamaha Products and Services”);

- When you requested or registered to use the Yamaha Products and Services (In the scope of Yamaha’s responsibility as a data controller in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law);

- When you have visited or communicated with Yamaha via email, phone, line account and other online channels of Yamaha under your interests such as websites, social media platforms of Yamaha’s official accounts and/or other online platforms, where Yamaha has rights to process your personal data under the Personal Data Protection Law;

- When you have answered Yamaha’s survey or joined Yamaha’s marketing promotions;

- When you have agreed to receive news and information on the updates and benefits from Yamaha;

- When you have participated Yamaha’s events, similar and activities;

- Upon your payments and transactions related to the Yamaha Products and Services, we shall keep the payment and transaction-related data;

- When you have visited, logged-in and/or used features through websites, where operated by Yamaha.

● Personal data from other sources

- The individual and company that introduce you to Yamaha, including but not limited to Yamaha’s business distributors, agents, outsources of Yamaha and the business owners of Yamaha music schools (“Yamaha Music School”), which Yamaha has legal relationships for the purposes of providing the Yamaha’s Products and Services;

- Yamaha Corporation and other companies in Yamaha’s affiliates, which are lawfully entitled to disclose personal data to Yamaha;

- The individual business and companies in which you are a director, authorized person, agent, employee, outsource, contractor, and assigned or contact person (“Personnel of Business Partner");

- Social media service providers and other technology providers.

1.2. Categories of personal data

  • Name, surname, title, age, date of birth, email address and physical contact address, location, phone number, gender, occupation and type of business, previous and present places of work or study, education information, information regarding social media, user ID and account, reference number, information regarding visits to Yamaha’s stores, the Yamaha Products and Services purchased;
  • Information presented on the copies of government identification and certificates of commercial business such as national identification card, passport number, house registration certificate, commercial registration certificate, tax registration information, birth certificate, certificate of name and surname change registration or other identification documents that can be used as the same purposes;
  • Information provided via questionnaires or campaigns;
  • Information necessary for product or service transactions or support (serial number, purchasing history, payment methods, bank account numbers, and the like);
  • Information generated from use of the Yamaha’s Products and Services (reference code, methods of use for products, frequency of use, and the like);
  • Information generated from inquiries to Yamaha (your phone number, information regarding social media, user ID and account history of requests for repairs and the like, information regarding the Yamaha Products and Services difficulties, and the like);
  • Information generated from participations and transactions with Yamaha (history of participation in concerts, events, auditions, activities and contests held, co-operated or co-sponsored by Yamaha (including photos, voice and video recordings and information regarding instrumental or singing performances), history of participation in music school classes, courses, and the like operated by Yamaha or received from Yamaha Music School under the legal basis according to the Personal Data Protection Law (including photos, voice and video recordings and information regarding instrumental or singing performances and other activities related to such participation), purchasing or use history for the Yamaha Products and Services, history of licenses, use, and the like for artworks (including musical pieces) in which Yamaha owns rights;
  • Information generated from the use of software or the internet, where Yamaha has the rights to process under the Personal Data Protection Law (information obtained from cookies, etc., information regarding browsers and operating systems of devices you use, location information, service use information, webpages you browse, links you click, emails from Yamaha you open, IP addresses, countries of access, number of users, access dates and the like);
  • Information provided by Yamaha’s questionnaires or campaigns;
  • Information provided by business operators who perform services using information that can distinguish between, but not identify, individual persons (such as advertising identifiers under your consent);
  • Information on social media platforms of Yamaha official accounts. (with your interest or request);
  • Other related information to necessarily facilitate Yamaha’s business operation and management such as records in CCTV and information related to court order and/or Yamaha’s compliance with law.

2. Purposes of collection, use and/or disclosure of personal data

2.1 Necessary to provide under the contract that you have entered into with Yamaha such as:

  • Provision, maintenance, protection, provision of information on campaigns, new Yamaha products and services, and the like, implementation of questionnaires, after-sales service for products, and protection of customers;
  • Contact regarding transactions;
  • Provision of the Yamaha Products and Services;
  • Provision of payment and related transaction;
  • Account creation and management;
  • Performance of agreements executed with Yamaha (payment processing, etc.);
  • Management of copyrights and neighboring rights for sound sources;
  • Implementation of service activities and handling of repairs during the warranty period and after-sales care after such implementation of service activities and handling of repairs related to the Yamaha’s Products and Services;
  • Responses to inquiries, requests for brochures, or other requests;
  • Exercise of rights or performance of obligations under agreements, laws, the Personal Data Protection Law and the like;
  • Screening conducted when applications are submitted for rental instruments;
  • Communication or receipt / delivery of documents or parcels.Provision of notices regarding products and services handled by Yamaha and announcements regarding events.

2.2 Necessary to comply with Yamaha’s legal obligations such as:

Yamaha has to comply with many applicable laws and ordinances made by the relevant legal authorities, hence Yamaha are required to collect, use and disclose your personal data, including but not limited to the following purposes:

  • To comply with the Personal Data Protection law.
  • To comply with applicable laws related to us (such as Computer-related Crime Law, Electronic Transaction Law, Consumer Protection Law, laws and ordinances related to Tax and Accounting and other laws which we are bound to comply with).

2.3 For legitimate interests of Yamaha and third parties such as:

  • Conducting customer database or recording data in the system or database;
  • Recording video and taking pictures as appropriate in concerts, events, auditions, and contests held, co-operated or co-sponsored by Yamaha (including voice recordings and information regarding instrumental or singing performances);
  • Satisfaction survey and assessment after use of products and / or services;
  • Debt collection;
  • Litigation or other legal processes;
  • Use of CCTV, control of entry / exit of Yamaha’s premises;
  • Management of complaints or suspicious incidents;
  • IT operation, system management and prevention, response and mitigation of security incident;
  • Facilitation for joining activities, events, campaigns or meeting held, co-operated or co-sponsored by Yamaha;
  • Analysis, research and / or conducting report for Yamaha’s internal uses;
  • Improvement of the Yamaha Products and Services, development of the new Yamaha Products and Services;
  • Management of Yamaha’s business distributors, Yamaha Music School and related Personnel of Business Partner such as administrative staffs and teachers under Yamaha’s qualities and standards;
  • Provision of notices regarding the Yamaha’s Products and Services that you have requested, and announcements regarding events or related benefits as appropriate;
  • Provision of public announcements regarding the products, services, events, and the like of Yamaha Corporation and companies affiliated with Yamaha.

2.4 Purposes requiring your consent

  • Analyses, and / or research for development, improvement of the Yamaha Products and Services that require your consent in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law;
  • Marketing operations, offering for the Yamaha’s Products and Services, privileges provided by Yamaha that require your consent in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law;
  • Recording and disclosure of your personal data such as video, voice, speech and personal photo for commercial purposes to be published via the online and offline channels.

In case you are a minor, incompetent or quasi-incompetent whose consent must be given by parents, statutory agent, guardian or curator (as the case may be) (unless the Personal Data Protection Law provides that it could be proceeded without consent.)

2.5 Other purposes that Yamaha might process your personal data under the Personal Data Protection Law:

  • Prevention or cessation of danger to a person’s life, body or health;
  • Conducting historical documents or annals for public benefit or related to study, research or statistics;
  • Operation of public benefit or performance of duties in using the government’s authority granted to Yamaha.

3. Safety management of personal data

Yamaha implements technical, physical and organizational measures to maintain confidentiality, accuracy, completeness, and availability for your personal data to prevent unauthorized access to personal data and loss, destruction, falsification, divulgence, and the like of personal data and endeavors to protect your personal data through the establishment of a safety management system.

4. Sharing of personal data

Yamaha may entrust to a third party all or part of its operations regarding the processing of your personal data. Yamaha does not approve the use or provision of your personal data by any contractor unless it is necessary for a contractor to conduct such use or provision in order to perform the entrusted operations or to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law, applicable laws and ordinances. Yamaha requires each contractor to protect personal data under an agreement.

According to deliver the Yamaha’s Products and Services, Yamaha may assign the rights to business distributors and Yamaha Music School (as the case may be) to operate the business as other companies or individual legal person under the Yamaha qualities and standards. Hence, Yamaha may share your personal data to those recipients for providing only services related to the Yamaha Products and Services, which you have requested, purchased or applied. In certain cases you may be under the personal data protection policy of such recipients of your personal data.

Yamaha has the recipient lists of personal data where Yamaha may disclosed your personal data to provide related services to the Yamaha’s Products and Services. For illustration in this Privacy Policy, Yamaha may disclose your personal data to persons or companies based on your relationship and transaction as follows: (You can optionally request to Yamaha for the full list of individuals and companies,where Yamaha may disclose your personal data to)

Type of recipients Examples

Companies in Yamaha’s group

- Yamaha Corporation and its affiliates

- Siam Motor Co., Ltd.

To provide you the Yamaha Products and Services

- Distributors of Yamaha products

- Yamaha Music School

- Other service outsources and agents

To facilitate the Yamaha Products and Services

-Technology service providers i.e. Cloud computing service provider, data center, data platform, developer and vendor, who has accessed your personal data

- Online social media providers

-Document or parcel delivery provider

Person determined by laws

In some cases, Yamaha may be required to disclose your personal data for compliance with the order of persons having legal authority or legal rights and / or for compliance with laws

Advisors / experts

For the benefit of Yamaha, Yamaha may disclose your Personal Data to external auditors, legal advisors, service consultant or other advisors or experts, as the case may be

Any other third parties

Yamaha may disclose your personal data to any other third parties for the objectives as specified in this Privacy Policy. Any other third parties receiving your personal data may include but are not limited to:

-The persons with whom you have entered into a contract or have relationship relating to the provision of the Yamaha Products and Services (such as authorized or contact person, teacher, student, and parent or statutory agents)

- Merger & acquisition, reorganization of Yamaha and possession and transfer of rights related to the Yamaha’s Products and Services

5. Transfer of personal data

Transferring personal data under PDPA

Yamaha takes great care to ensure your personal data is processed. From time to time, Yamaha may transfer your personal data outside of Thailand. In these cases, Yamaha ensures that an adequate level of data protection is afforded by the recipient prior to disclosing your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances, including the PDPA.

Where the PDPA is not applicable.

Yamaha may transmit your personal data from a country where you reside to other countries (including Japan) and store your personal data in those countries (that combined process, a “Transfer”). Privacy protection laws equivalent to that of the country where you reside might not be enforced in a country that receives a Transfer of your personal data. However, Yamaha processes your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances and this Privacy Policy.

6. Storage period for personal data

Yamaha stores and uses personal data obtained from customers only for the period necessary to perform the purposes of use. Yamaha will further keep your personal data for a period as necessary according to the statute of limitations or for a period as required or permitted by law, for instance:

Personal data may keep it as long as up to 10 years after you have ceased on being our customer for the purpose of establishment of legal claims in accordance with the law, comply with or exercise a right of claims according to the law, and raising defense against legal claims.

After your personal data is no longer needed to be kept, Yamaha will delete it or keeping it in the form of anonymized data.

7. Processing of children’s personal data

With respect to a minor’s personal data, Yamaha also have no intention to allow children to purchase the Yamaha’s Products and Services unless we obtain their sole consent (as permitted by the applicable law) or Yamaha obtains consent from statutory agents, such as a person with parental authority over that child as the case required by the applicable law, and takes other necessary steps in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances, and the like.

If you are parents or statutory agents who has provided Yamaha with a minor’s personal data, please contact us and that, in this regard, you may request for the exercise of your right within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law.

If you are a minor and necessarily requires to receive the Yamaha’s Products and Services, we request you to ask for consent from your parents or your statutory agents, who can act on behalf of you, to provide your personal data (as the case required by the applicable law).

In the event that Yamaha require a minor’s consent in order to use personal data for the purpose that would not be permitted by the minor’s sole consent in accordance with the provisions of the Civil and Commercial Code, Yamaha will obtain consent from the minor’s parents or statutory agents, who are a person with parental authority over that minor subject to the criteria specified by the Personal Data Protection Law.

8. Cookies

Yamaha may generate cookies and use other similar technologies on Yamaha’s websites and other websites operated by Yamaha, where targeting individuals in Thailand. These enable Yamaha to provide each customer with more performance, customized services and advertisements. You may deny all cookies though your browser setting and/or cookie setting; however, this setting may reduce full functionality of the use of such websites. For more details, please refer to the policy regarding cookies on each websites.

9. Customer rights regarding personal data

You are able to exercise the right associated with your personal data subject to the conditions and exceptions under the Personal Data Protection Law. You are able to exercise the rights associated with your personal data, which are under the responsibility of Yamaha as a data controller under the Personal Data Protection Law.

You can exercise your rights as stipulated by law, including criteria determined by Yamaha. If you are less than 20 years old, or have limited capacity to perform juristic acts under the law, you may request your parents or statutory agents to express the intention to exercise these rights on your behalf. Subject to the conditions and exceptions under the applicable laws, you have the right to access and/or obtain a copy of, port, rectify, delete, destroy or anonymize your personal data, including to object to or restrict certain collection, use or disclosure of your personal data

If Yamaha relies on your consent basis, you are able to withdraw your consent. You have the right to request your personal data that we disclose and how we obtain your personal data without your consent, including personal data where you believe that Yamaha do not comply with the Personal Data Protection Law. You also have the right to lodge a complaint to the competent authority under the Personal Data Protection Law.

The owner of the personal data shall be entitled to withdraw his/her consent at any time Nevertheless, withdrawal of the consent shall not affect to the personal data, that was provided and previously processed under the consent.

You could submit your request via Yamaha Data Subject Request Form here: Click

10. Compliance with laws and ordinances

Yamaha complies with applicable laws, ordinances, and guidelines regarding personal data and performs its social responsibilities as a company.

11. Continuous improvement

Yamaha continually reviews and improves its compliance program (its program for complying with laws, ordinances, and the like) in order to ensure reliable performance of personal data protection.

12. Contact information

For inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, please inquire using the following contact details.

Data Protection Office


3,4,15 and 16th Fl., Siam Motors Building,
891/1 Rama 1 Rd., Wangmai, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel. (66) 02 821-6955

13. Revision of this Privacy Policy

Yamaha may amend, revise, add to, or delete the contents of this Privacy Policy in accordance with Yamaha’s internal policies, technological developments, or applicable laws and ordinances. If any material amendment is made to this Privacy Policy, Yamaha will notify you of that amendment as necessary in a recognizable manner.

As at present, the Privacy Policy have been published on:

May 31, 2022 

About linked websites

Yamaha’s websites contain several links to outside websites, but these links are not provided for the purpose of sharing personal data. Our company does not take any responsibilities for the collection of personal data at the linked websites, so please ensure you check details regarding the processing of personal data explained on the linked websites.

Dissemination of information by customers

Yamaha’s services may include chat functions (for conversation), forums (conference rooms), online message boards, response to inquiries via email, and the like. Yamaha does not take any responsibility for personal data transmitted by customers through these services.

When you use these services, please transmit information at your responsibility and discretion.

Matters related to children

Yamaha does not deliberately request or collect personal data from children on our websites.

Any person considered a minor under local laws or any other person under a certain age who attempts to access Yamaha’s websites may use our websites only if he or she has consent from a statutory agent, such as a person with parental authority.