SIAM MUSIC YAMAHA CO., LTD. ("Yamaha") as a business entity in Thailand committed to conducting business ethically and respecting the privacy rights of customers, we are aware that the Personal Data Protection of each customer (a "Customer" or "You") is Yamaha's obligation under Thai laws as well as a significant social responsibility.

Yamaha will collect, process, use, or disclose the personal data outlined in this "Announcement on the Personal Data Protection Policy" as follows (this "Privacy Policy"), respects rights regarding your personal data, and protects such rights under Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 ("Personal Data Protection Law" or "PDPA")

1. Sources and Categories of Personal Data

1.1 The source of personal data refers to information that can directly or indirectly identify you, which Yamaha may collect, such as title, first name, middle name, last name, alias (if any), gender, birthday, age, marital status, family status, number of family members, number of children, Information on the relationship between the legal guardian and the person under legal guardianship, nationality, country of residence, signature, information on documents issued by government agencies e.g., a copy of national ID card, copy of passport, copy of visa, copy of the alien certificate, copy of work permit, copy of government official/state enterprise identification card, copy of house registration, copy of the birth certificate, copy of name change form, copy of marriage certificate, copy of divorce certificate, copy of death certificate, copy of car driver's license, or documents used to identify and confirm identity that has the same characteristics, address according to essential documents, current residence and address in the country by nationality, place of work, telephone number, mobile number, fax number, email address, name or login account for electronic communications or social media such as Line ID, proof of residence in Thailand (for foreigners), information on a copy of student id card, highest education level, occupation and field of work, position, current employment period, job description, business type, signature or fingerprint information, transaction history, registration information for participating in activities with Yamaha and affiliated companies, transaction details and transaction objectives, information in transaction memos, transaction reference number, transaction channels, application usage information, IP address or MAC address, Cookies ID, Web Beacon, Pixel Tag or Software Development Kit (SDK), Device ID, Device model and type, Network Connection information, Access information, Single Sign-On (SSO) Access Information, Log, Log-in information, Access Period Usage, Duration use of the application and website, Search history, Browsing data, time zone and location data, browser plug-in types and versions, Operating system and platform including other technologies on the device you use to access the platform, other technical information from use on platforms and operating systems, records of communications or interactions between you and Yamaha, details of complaints or comments, requests for exercising various rights, evaluation results of opinion surveys, sound recordings, photographs, videos, animations, sounds, or mixed media in various forms, communication records via Log/Chatbot, still images or animations from closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV), information on court orders/government gazettes relating to customer transactions or Yamaha's legal compliance (e.g. receivership order, order to appoint the estate manager, order to be incapacitated or a quasi-incompetent person, order to summon documents or material witnesses) and any other information considered personal data under Personal Data Protection Laws.

- Personal Data You Create and Provide to Yamaha or Held by Yamaha

Yamaha may collect your data, such as the information you have provided, key in or enter information to inform Yamaha or hand into Yamaha's possession, or obtain from someone related to you or your business, such as your legal guardian or legal representative according to the applicable laws, including those authorized or assigned by you or acting on your behalf as the following cases:

- When you have entered a contract executed with Yamaha, such as a distributor agreement, franchisee agreement, or supplier agreement;

- When you have requested, registered, ordered, or purchased Yamaha's product, services, and music school courses, which held by Yamaha and/or Yamaha owned the exclusive rights to provide and distribute under Yamaha's qualities and standards ("Yamaha Products and Services");

- When you requested or registered to use the Yamaha Products and Services (In the scope of Yamaha's responsibility as a data controller under the Personal Data Protection Law);

- When you have visited or communicated with Yamaha via email, phone, LINE account, and other online channels of Yamaha under your interests, such as websites, social media platforms of Yamaha's official accounts, and/or other online platforms where Yamaha has rights to process your personal data under the Personal Data Protection Law;

- When you have answered Yamaha's survey or joined Yamaha's marketing promotions;

- When you have agreed to receive news and information on the updates and benefits from Yamaha;

- When you have participated in Yamaha's and Yamaha Affiliates' events and similar activities;

- Upon your payments and transactions related to the Yamaha Products and Services, we shall keep the payment and transaction-related data;

- When you have visited, logged in, and/or used features through websites operated by Yamaha.

- Personal Data from Other Sources

- The individual and company that introduce you to Yamaha, including but not limited to Yamaha's business distributors, agents, outsources of Yamaha, and the business owners of Yamaha music schools (“Yamaha Music School”), which Yamaha has legal relationships for the purposes of providing the Yamaha Products and Services;

- Yamaha Corporation and other companies in Yamaha's affiliates, which are lawfully entitled to disclose personal data to Yamaha;

- The individual business and companies in which you are a director, authorized person, agent, employee, outsource, contractor, and assigned or contact person (“Personnel of Business Partner");

- Social media service providers and other technology providers;

- Government organizations or government agencies.

1.2 Categories of Personal Data

  • Name, surname, title, age, date of birth, email address and physical contact address, location, phone number, gender, occupation and type of business, previous and present places of work or study, education information, information regarding social media, user ID and account, reference number, information regarding visits to Yamaha’s stores, the Yamaha Products and Services purchased;
  • Information presented on the copies of government identification and certificates of commercial business such as national identification card, passport number, house registration certificate, commercial registration certificate, tax registration information, birth certificate, certificate of name and surname change registration, or other identification documents that can use as the same purposes;
  • Information necessary for product or service transactions or support (serial number, purchasing history, payment methods, bank account numbers, and the like);
  • Information generated from the use of the Yamaha Products and Services (reference code, methods of use for products, frequency of use, and the like);
  • Information generated from inquiries to Yamaha (your phone number, information regarding social media, user ID/password and account, history of requests for repairs and the like, information regarding the Yamaha Products and Services difficulties, and the like);
  • Information generated from participations and transactions with Yamaha, i.e. history of participation in concerts, events, auditions, activities, and contests held, cooperated or co-sponsored by Yamaha (including photos, voice and video recordings, mixed or other media recordings, and information regarding instrumental or singing performances), history of participation in music school classes, courses, and the like operated by Yamaha or received from Yamaha Music School under the legal basis according to the Personal Data Protection Law (including photos, voice and video recordings and information regarding instrumental or singing performances and other activities related to such participation), purchasing or use history for the Yamaha Products and Services, history of licenses, use, and the like for artworks (including musical pieces) in which Yamaha owns rights;
  • Information generated from the use of software or the internet, where Yamaha has the rights to process under the Personal Data Protection Law (information obtained from cookies, etc., information regarding browsers and operating systems of devices you use, location information, service use information, webpages you browse, links you click, emails from Yamaha you open, IP addresses, countries of access, number of users, access dates and the like);
  • Information provided by business operators who perform services using information that can distinguish between, but not identify, individual persons (such as advertising identifiers under your consent);
  • Information on social media platforms of Yamaha's official accounts. (with your interest or request);
  • Other related information to facilitate Yamaha's business operation and management, such as records in CCTV and information related to court orders and/or Yamaha's compliance with the law;
  • Information obtained from Yamaha questionnaires or campaigns.

2. Purposes of Collection, Use and/or Disclosure of Personal Data

  • To conduct various operations related to providing products, services, and various educational courses of Yamaha.
  • To conduct various transactions using the website, applications, and services.
  • To implement service activities and handling of repairs during the warranty period and after-sales care after such implementation of service activities and handling of repairs related to Yamaha Products and Services;
  • To comply with the agreements executed with Yamaha (payment processing, etc.);
  • To conduct customer database or recording data in the system or database;
  • To conduct recruitment if you apply for a job with Yamaha.
  • To conduct provision, maintenance, protection, provision of information on campaigns, new Yamaha Products and Services, and the like, implementation of questionnaires, after-sales service for products, and protection of customers;
  • To manage copyrights and neighboring rights for sound sources;
  • To respond to inquiries, requests for brochures, or other requests;
  • To conduct screening when applications are submitted for rental instruments;
  • To communicate when delivering receipt/delivery of documents or parcels, provision of notices regarding products and services handled by Yamaha, and announcements regarding events.
  • To record voices, photographs, animations, sound, video, or mixed media in various formats in concerts, events, auditions, and contests held, cooperated, or co-sponsored by Yamaha (Including sound and music recordings and information related to playing music or singing on various media);
  • To survey satisfaction survey and assessment after the use of products and/or services, manage complaints or suspicious incidents, improve Yamaha Products and Services, develop new Yamaha Products and Services, Analysis for research, and/or conduct reports for Yamaha’s internal uses;
  • To track the debt collection, litigation, or other legal processes;
  • To use CCTV to control the entry/exit of Yamaha’s premises and support security and safety;
  • To ensure that content from the Yamaha website is presented most effectively to you and your computer;
  • To conduct IT operation, system management and prevention, response, and mitigation of security incidents;
  • To Facilitate for joining activities, events, campaigns, or meetings held, cooperated, or co-sponsored by Yamaha;
  • To manage Yamaha’s business distributors, Yamaha Music School, and related Personnel of Business Partner such as administrative staff and teachers under Yamaha’s qualities and standards;
  • To prepare notices regarding Yamaha Products and Services that you have requested, and announcements regarding events or related benefits as appropriate, to public announcements regarding the products, services, events, and the like of Yamaha Corporation and companies affiliated with Yamaha.

3. Purposes Requiring Your Consent

  • Analyses and/or research for development and improvement of the Yamaha Products and Services that require your consent under the Personal Data Protection Law;
  • Marketing operations, offering for the Yamaha Products and Services, privileges provided by Yamaha that require your consent under the Personal Data Protection Law;
  • Recording and disclosing your personal data such as video, voice, speech, and personal photos for commercial purposes to be published online and offline.

In case you are a minor, incompetent, or quasi-incompetent, or whose consent must be given by legal guardians, statutory agent, guardian, or curator (as the case may be), the legal guardians, statutory agent, guardian, or curator (as the case may be), shall give the required consent instead (unless the law specifies that can be done without consent because it is a personal matter).

Other purposes that Yamaha might process your personal data under the Personal Data Protection Law:

  • Prevention or cessation of danger to a person’s life, body, or health;
  • Conducting historical documents or annuals for public benefit or related to study, research, or statistics;
  • Operation of public benefit or performance of duties in exercising government authority that Yamaha has received orders from the government.

4. Safety Management of Personal Data

Yamaha implements technical, physical, and organizational measures to maintain confidentiality, accuracy, completeness, and availability of your personal data to prevent unauthorized access to personal data and loss, destruction, falsification, divulgence, and the like of personal data and endeavors to protect your personal data through the establishment of a solid safety management system.

5. Sharing of Personal Data

Yamaha may entrust all or part of its operations to a third party regarding processing your personal data. Yamaha does not approve the use or provision of your personal data by any contractor unless it is necessary for a contractor to conduct such use or provision to perform the entrusted operations or to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law. In this regard, Yamaha has specified explicitly that such contractors will comply with consent only regarding the personal data you have given to Yamaha.

According to the delivery policy of Yamaha Products and Services, Yamaha may assign the rights to collect, use and disclose your personal data to business distributors and Yamaha Music School (as the case may be) to operate the business as other companies or individual legal persons under the Yamaha qualities and standards. Hence, Yamaha may share your personal data with those recipients to provide only services related to the Yamaha Products and Services you have requested, purchased, or applied.

Yamaha may disclose your personal data to provide related services to the Yamaha Products and Services. Yamaha may disclose your personal data to persons or companies based on your relationship and transaction as follows:

Type of Recipients Examples

Companies in Yamaha’s Group

- Yamaha Corporation and its affiliates worldwide

- Siam Motor Co., Ltd.

To Provide You the Yamaha Products and Services

- Distributors of Yamaha products

- Yamaha Music School

- Other service outsources and agents

To Facilitate the Yamaha Products and Services

- Technology service providers, i.e., Cloud computing service provider, data center, data platform, developer, and vendor, who have accessed your personal data

- Online social media providers

- Document or parcel delivery provider

Person Determined by Laws

In some cases, Yamaha may be required to disclose your personal data for compliance with the order of persons having legal authority or legal rights and/or for compliance with laws.


For the benefit of Yamaha, Yamaha may disclose your Personal Data to external auditors, legal advisors, service consultants, or other advisors or experts, as the case may be.

Any Other Third Parties

Yamaha may disclose your personal data to any other third parties for the objectives specified in this Personal Data Protection Policy. Any other third parties receiving your personal data may include but are not limited to:

-The persons with whom you have entered into a contract with or have a relationship relating to the provision of the Yamaha Products and Services (such as authorized or contact person, teacher, student, and parent or statutory agents)

- Merger & acquisition, reorganization of Yamaha, and possession and transfer of rights related to the Yamaha Products and Services

6. Transfer of Personal Data

Transferring Personal Data under PDPA

Yamaha takes excellent care to ensure that your personal data is processed properly. From time to time, Yamaha may transfer your personal data outside Thailand. In these cases, Yamaha ensures that the recipient provides adequate data protection prior to disclosing your personal data under applicable laws and ordinances, including the PDPA.

7. Storage Period for Personal Data

Yamaha stores and uses personal data obtained from customers only for the period necessary to perform the purposes of use. Yamaha will further keep your personal data for period as necessary according to the statute of limitations or for a period as required or permitted by law, for instance:

Personal data may be used up to 10 years after you have ceased being our customer to establish legal claims under the law, comply with or exercise the right of claims according to the law, and raise defense against legal claims.

After your personal data no longer needs to be kept, Yamaha will delete it or keep it in the form of anonymized data unless we are required to retain your personal data as required by law.

8. Processing of Personal Data of Minors

Our products, services, and website do not target or intend to collect personal data from minors under 20, quasi-incapacitated, or incapacitated persons. Suppose you are a minor, quasi-incompetent, or incapacitated person who wishes to contact us. In that case, you must obtain consent as required by law from your legal guardians, statutory agent, guardian, or curator (as the case may be) before contacting us or providing us with your personal data.

Suppose Yamaha requires to use personal data for a purpose other than solely relying on the minor's consent, Yamaha must obtain consent from the minor's legal guardians/statutory agent.

Suppose you are a legal guardian/statutory agent who provided Yamaha with a minor's personal data. In that case, you may request to exercise your rights on behalf of the minor against Yamaha as permitted by the PDPA.

9. Processing of Personal Data from CCTV Cameras

Yamaha will have a set of CCTV cameras or security cameras in the main office building, Yamaha Music school area, activity area, and other areas where Yamaha is organizing or cooperating with the event. These areas need to record, store, collect, use, or disclose your personal data, such as photographs, animations, sound, or various forms of mixed media, to prevent or stop danger to life, body, property, and health of individuals for the public interest. There is no need to rely on your consent under the law by virtue of the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 (B.E. 2562), Section 24.

10. Cookies

Yamaha may generate cookies and use other similar technologies on Yamaha's websites and other websites operated by Yamaha, targeting individuals in Thailand. These enable Yamaha to provide customers with more performance, customized services, and advertisements. You may deny all cookies through your browser setting and/or cookie setting; however, this setting may reduce the full functionality of the use of such websites. For more details, please refer to the policy regarding cookies on each website.

11. Customer Rights Regarding Personal Data

You can exercise your rights regarding your personal data by virtue of the Personal Data Protection Act, in which you have the right to be informed of the personal data that Yamaha has collected for which purposes, how it will be used, and to whom it will be disclosed. You have the right to request access to and receive a copy of your personal data, which is under Yamaha's responsibility. You have the right to object to collecting, using, or disclosing personal data about yourself at any time. You have the right to request deletion or destruction or make personal data non-personally identifiable, request to suspend the use of your personal data, and recorrect your personal data at any time.

If Yamaha relies on your consent basis, you can withdraw your consent. The personal data owner shall be entitled to withdraw their consent at any time. Nevertheless, Withdrawal of the consent shall not affect the personal data that was provided and previously processed under the consent.

You could submit your request via Yamaha Data Subject Request Form here: Click Please provide contact details when making a complaint or requesting a claim so that Yamaha can contact you as soon as possible. Yamaha will complete the process within 30 days or within the period prescribed by applicable law.

12. Compliance with the Laws of Thailand

Yamaha adheres to the laws of Thailand as a guideline for managing personal data and demonstrates social responsibility as a company with sound ethical practices.

13. Continuous Improvement

Yamaha continually reviews and improves its compliance program (its program for complying with laws, ordinances, and the like) to ensure reliable performance of personal data protection.

14. Contact Information

Suppose you have any questions or complaints or would like to submit a request regarding your data. Please inquire using the following contact information.

Data Protection Office, Business Legal Department


3,4,15 and 16th Fl., Siam Motors Building,
891/1 Rama 1 Rd., Wangmai, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel. (66) 02-215-2626

15. Revision of this Personal Data Protection Policy

Yamaha may amend, revise, add to, or delete the contents of this Personal Data Protection Policy following Yamaha’s internal policies, technological developments, or applicable laws and ordinances. If any material amendment is made to this Personal Data Protection Policy, Yamaha will notify you of that amendment as necessary in a recognizable manner.

As of present, the Personal Data Protection Policy have been published on August 1, 2023, and to replace all other privacy policies that we have previously determined.

Dissemination of information by customers

Yamaha’s information services channels may include chat functions (for conversation), forums (conference rooms), online message boards, responses to inquiries via email, etc. Yamaha is not responsible for personal data transmitted by customers through these information services channels.

When you use these services, please transmit information at your responsibility and discretion.