Yamaha Chimes YCH7118/YCH6118 Overview with Atsushi Sugahara


Yamaha Chimes YCH7118

YCH7118 New

Larger 38.1mm diameter tubes (C52~F69 range)

Yamaha Chimes YCH6118

YCH6118 New

Smaller 31.8mm diameter tubes (C52~F69 range)

YCH7018 Discontinued

Larger 38.1mm diameter tubes (C52~F69 range)

CH-500 Discontinued


Yamaha Chimes YCHS7118

YCHS7118 New

Dedicated stand for the Chime tubes YCHT7100 series.

Yamaha Chimes Stands YCHS7106

YCHS7106 New

This is Yamaha's smaller chime tube stand that can be used to hang less than 6 tubes from YCHT7100 Series.

CHS-506 Discontinued

Stand for 6 tubes

CHS-520 Discontinued

Stand for 20 tubes (with damper)


Yamaha Chimes YCHT7100 Series

YCHT7100 Series New

Chime tubes from A49 through G71 for the YCH7118 can be purchased individually.