Warranty Conditions


Warranty Conditions

1. Siam Music Yamaha Co., Ltd. warrants that products will be free from defects under normal usage or that products are free from defects from the factory for the entirety of the warranty period from the date of purchase as shown in the original receipt of purchase.

2. Siam Music Yamaha reserves the right of non-warranty for the damage or defects related to the following cases:

  • 2.1 The product’s serial number has been edited, erased, marked out, or torn, and the warranty card does not identify the date of purchase or the date has been edited, under any circumstances.
  • 2.2 Damage caused by accidents, misuse of the product, inappropriate electrical current used during installation or inappropriate modification
  • 2.3 Damage caused by irregular conditions such as liquid spilled onto the product or insects entering the products
  • 2.4 Damage caused by force majeure such as fire, flood, thunderstorms, or earthquakes
  • 2.5 Damaged caused by normal wear and tear such as scratches, cracks, bumps, stains, or rust on the external surface of the product
  • 2.6 Parts or components have been removed, modified, or repaired by staff other than the staff employed at Siam Music Yamaha and/or at unlicensed service center.
  • 2.7 Demonstration model and products sold as is are not covered by the warranty as the sales representatives have declared.
  • 2.8 Siam Music Yamaha shall not be responsible for the shipping cost of transporting the products to the service center, licensed service center, or distributor.

3. When filing a claim, please present proof of registration in the SIAM MUSIC MEMBERS system or the product’s warranty card along with a receipt with the same serial number from the shop.

4. This warranty only applies to products and accessories purchased from Siam Music Yamaha Co., Ltd. or authorized distributors.

5. This warranty only applies to internal parts and does not include wood and plastic components and scratches on the external surface.

Online Warranty Registration

Siam Music Yamaha Co., Ltd., offers an extension on the warranty by 6 months.

  • Please register to be eligible for warranty within 15 days of the date issued in the tax receipt/receipt.
  • If no e-warranty has been made, you can present the original warranty card and the receipt at the service counter at an after-sale service center within the regular warranty period.
  • The special warranty extension is reserved for customers who have registered for the e-warranty only.
  • Siam Music Yamaha Co., Ltd. reserves the right to refuse warranty under any circumstances if the information in the registration is found to be false.
Warranty Information by Product Type
Category Product Type Terms and Conditions
Piano All acoustic pianos 5-year warranty
Electric pianos 1-year warranty, only for electronic pickups
Band & Orchestra Woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion instruments 1-year warranty
Venovas, flutes, pianicas, and acoustic string instruments No warranty
Silent violins, silent violas, silent cellos, silent double basses, HD-300, digital saxophones 1-year warranty, only for electric pickups
Electric violins, electric violas, electric cellos, electric double basses 1-year warranty, only for electric pickups
Combo Acoustic guitars No warranty
Guitars and basses with electric pickups 1-year warranty, only for electric pickups
(no warranty for strings)
Amplifiers 1-year warranty, only for electric pickups
(no warranty for speakers)
Keyboards 1-year warranty, only for electric pickups
Synthesizers 1-year warranty, only for electric pickups
All acoustic drums No warranty
All electric drums 1-year warranty, only for drum modules
Multi effects 1-year warranty, only for electronic pickups
PA system Electronic products 1-year warranty, for normal use
Speakers with amplifiers 1-year warranty, only for amplifiers (for normal use)
Box speakers and speakers No warranty
Home Audio system Home sound systems 1-year warranty, for normal use