YCH7018 Chimes Discontinued

Rich fundamental tones, long sustain, and wide dynamic range provide the power needed to stand out in large ensembles. Height adjustable casters allow damper contact to be optimized to bring out the maximum sustain of the chime tubes.

YCH7018 Chimes Discontinued

Larger 38.1mm diameter tubes (C52~F69 range)

Sound Sources Comparison of Chime

The actual tone may differ depending on the environment. Please listen to the sound as a reference only. If you want to feel the difference even more, it is recommended listening with high-performance earphones or headphones in a quiet environment.

YCH-6018 Single

YCH-6018 Double

YCH-7018 Single

YCH-7018 Double

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.