Companies often have rooms of varying sizes and purposes, and for different users, including conference rooms, multipurpose rooms for presentations, and huddle spaces. In order to develop new ideas and inspire lively discussions in any room, having an environment where professionals can maintain focus and contribute to the best of their abilities is paramount. Conducting a meeting with poor sound quality makes participants more stressed and will ultimately lead to lower production levels and even diminished morale. As remote and hybrid meetings become more commonplace, high-quality sound systems have become essential to boost employee productivity and efficiency.

For over a century, Yamaha has been at the forefront of a wide range of music-related specializations, including musical instrument manufacture, designing innovative home audio products and developing commercial PA systems for live concert performances. By leveraging our accrued know-how and experience in all aspects of music, we are able to create versatile yet user-friendly audio environments for companies and businesses with a focus on sound quality, connectivity, and expandability. Audio-related problems that usually plague corporate environments such as grating echoes, unnecessary noise and feedback, and differences in volume and sound quality between seating locations can be eliminated effortlessly with a Yamaha system, even by operators with no previous audio experience. Our expansive lineup of products was developed to meet all the audio needs demanded by professionals in a vast range of corporate environments from input to output, from small systems to large.

Flexible solutions that facilitate smooth communication

Meeting space requirements vary from room to room, but the common purpose for all of them is to facilitate smooth, noise-free communication and accelerate collaboration, thus making high-quality, clear sound essential.

Yamaha boasts a wide range of product lineups for conference and meeting environments and can provide solution packages encompassing everything from input to output, as well as customization options tailored to the size and purpose of the space.

Corporate audio solutions that let you focus on the business at hand 

To be sure, the technology required to develop these products can be quite sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean operating them has to be. Our solutions ensure that all the processing and complex operations are simplified, allowing users to concentrate on their actual work. Hybrid meetings have increased sharply in recent years, and although there are several kinds of complex audio processing required to achieve clear, high fidelity sound in such meetings, the actual equipment requires no complicated setup or operation. Our products feature simple user interfaces and smart functionality that make it possible for virtually anyone to use them intuitively, providing an environment where professionals can concentrate solely on meetings and discussions.

Set up your system and dial in your sound in no time

Say goodbye to sound solutions requiring time-consuming set up and meticulous audio adjustments just to get a decent sound. Yamaha audio products are loaded with practical functions to drastically minimize your system design and setup time. For example, our ADECIA systems automatically detect connected components allowing you to configure a sound system in four simple steps, and adapt your audio to perfectly suit your professional environment.  

1. Conferencing (Large)

It is very important that all participants hear the presenter clearly. A voice lift system can be flexibly adapted to a room with depth by installing additional ceiling speakers. So this system is suitable for large rooms where sound needs to be amplified.

2. Conferencing (Medium)

Multi-purpose conference rooms often undergo layout changes. The ADECIA Wireless Solution is the best choice for multi-purpose meeting rooms subject to frequent layout changes. Microphones can be positioned as appropriate for the person speaking, allowing sound to be captured clearly.

3. Conferencing (Small)

Time is of the essence for meeting participants in the boardroom. The ADECIA Ceiling Solution, which automatically follows the person speaking, eliminates the preparation work required to accommodate layout changes or increased/decreased numbers of people, so that meetings can start smoothly.

4. Huddle Space

Ambient noise can interfere with meetings and lead to information leaks. The CS-500’s unique SoundCap Eye feature tracks the position and speech of participants to properly pick up sound. Natural teleconferencing can be achieved even in open spaces and other noisy environments.

5. Hybrid Room

Even when dividing or merging multiple meeting rooms, the ADECIA Ceiling Solution automatically follows the person speaking, accommodating changes in room size and layout and allowing clear audio capture.

6. Presentation Room (Large) with An Operator

Constructing a system centered on a Dante-compatible mixer also allows flexible support for venues such as auditorium. The CZR series offers both high sound quality and powerful output, and allows horn rotation for optimal coverage whether installed vertically or horizontally. The PC-D series power amplifiers come equipped with CZR series presets for easy configuration of ideal DSP settings.

7. Presentation Room (Large)

Dante-enabled digital mixer to flexibly support large-scale systems. The vertical connection of line array speakers saves space and accurately covers a wide area.

8. Single-Zone Background Music

This system is comprised of an MA2030a compact power amplifier connected to multiple microphones for events and announcements, as well as audio playback devices for background music. For larger spaces requiring more SPL, the system can be expanded easily by adding more speakers powered by a PA2030a amplifier.

The volume levels of the two amplifiers can be linked and adjusted simultaneously, making it possible to control the entire system’s output level with a single adjustment control. Adding a DCP1V4S wall-mounted controller can provide even greater ease of operation and more convenient control of your system.

9. Portable Live Sound

The STAGEPAS 600BT is ideal for band practices or intimate performances in smaller sized indoor or outdoor environments. This compact all-in-one sound system supports a variety of applications and features an intuitive interface that users with limited, or even no sound reinforcement experience can operate easily. Performers can even play background music or accompaniment via Bluetooth connection using smartphones or tablets.

10. Video Production

With the gradual increase in opportunities for companies to transmit information directly to customer, such as webinars and live commerce. The TF1 is an all-in-one mixer with a wealth of functions and input/output terminals in a compact housing. The TF1 can be used to send audio to a switcher or other devices, or it can be used with a USB audio interface to send audio directly to a PC.

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