Come See us at InfoComm, June 12-14, 2024 - Showcasing the latest in audio solutions and innovative technologies –

Yamaha announces it will exhibit at InfoComm, the largest professional audio-visual trade show in North America. Yamaha Corporation of America and Yamaha Unified Communications will appear side-by-side, showcasing solutions designed to connect the world through sound & music. Yamaha offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for a wide range of users across the Pro AV market.

Attendees can stop by and check out the newest lines of audio solutions and technologies, such as the DM7 and DM3 compact digital mixing consoles that were launched last year to great acclaim, RIVAGE PM digital mixing systems, NEXO solutions, the flagship DME7 processor, the CS-800/500 video bars with cutting-edge AI technology, and the innovative VSP-2 Speech Privacy System.

Furthermore, additional new products will be showcased at InfoComm that not only contribute to the further expansion of ADECIA Solutions but are also essential products for building voice lift systems.

“We are delighted to not only showcase Yamaha's leadership and expertise through informative training sessions and panel discussions, but also with practical solutions for a variety of markets including entertainment, hospitality, corporate, education, and government,” says Thomas Hemery, Senior General Manager of Yamaha Professional Solutions Division.

Yamaha will host the following five speaking engagements:

Yamaha ADECIA & RM Series System Design Training from Jason Pavao

Tuesday, June 11 from 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Location W204/W205

User Interface Needs Assessment from Timothy Mackie

Tuesday, June 11 from 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Location W219/W220

Good Audio for Meetings from Timothy Mackie

Wednesday, 12 June from 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Location W219/W220

Deciphering the Technology Differences in Beamforming Microphone Solutions from Timothy Mackie

Thursday, 13 June from 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Location W219/W220

Trend Forecast: Navigating AI, Sustainability and Commodification in Conferencing and Collaboration

Thursday, 13 June from 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM

Location Booth C8676


To fully support the sound engineers who support the artists and performers, Yamaha makes absolutely no compromises when it comes to quality. Sound, operability, and reliability must all be first class, and implemented in a way that allows engineers to concentrate fully on helping artists and performers deliver their message. The RIVAGE PM series embodies this ideal at the highest level, connecting technology, art, and audiences with waves that encircle the world.

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7

DM7 Series

The DM7 series is an innovative digital mixer lineup that not only guarantees unparalleled sound quality, ease of operation, and high reliability for connecting engineers, artists, and audiences, but is also highly scalable and flexible enough to be adapted for various applications. It can be configured in a variety of forms depending on the engineer's preferences to support a wide range of applications.

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM3 Series

DM3 Series

A DM3 series compact digital mixing console features versatile capabilities and portability for a wide range of applications. Offering superb sound quality, fast and easy setup and operation, and professional-level features.

Yamaha Signal Processor DME7


An open architecture-type digital signal processor, which offers state-of-the-art performance and connectivity, 96 kHz sound quality and support for up to 256 input/output channels.

Yamaha ProVisionaire


ProVisionaire is a suite of software applications for the design, operation, and management of sound systems built around Yamaha Pro Audio products.

Yamaha CS-800


All-in-one camera, microphone, and speaker system.

Yamaha CS-500


Camera, and microphone remote collaboration device.


A ceiling array microphone equipped with unique audio signal processing technology that enables high-quality communication

Color Variation Available Other Colors Available


Tabletop array microphone that provides a comfortable sound environment without any settings

Color Variation Available Other Colors Available


Signal processor at the heart of the ADECIA


Intelligent L2 switch with Dante optimization function and PoE power supply.

VXL1B-16P / VXL1W-16P

Dante PoE powered speaker with 16 x 1.5" drivers