900/800 Series Handmade Flutes

Mechanical Option

C# Trill Key

An additional lever and tonehole which are useful for B to C# trills, but can also be used to facilitate a number of other trills and tremolos.

G/A Trill Key

This aids in trilling from G to A.

G# Open

Removing G# tonehole enables better intonation of high E, even without a Split E Mechanism.

Clutch E Mechanism

A switch allowing players to turn on or off the Split E mechanism as desired.

C# and D# Rollers

Rollers on the key levers to facilitate finger movements.


Traditional Pad

Traditional pad, which has been adopted as a standard for many years, is also available instead of Straubinger Pad.

Wall Thickness


Standard 0.30mm-Flexible, delicate tone

Sterling Silver

Light 0.35mm-Light free tone, easy response

Standard 0.38mm-Well-balanced resistance

Heavy 0.43mm-Heavier weight for powerful sound, increased air resistance


Gold Crown (only available for Gold)

An optional gold crown for C Type flutes is available by special order.

14k Lip Plate and Riser (only available for Silver)

Deeper sound is available with the optional gold lip plate and riser.


Yamaha's optional engraving is hand carved with unmatchable skill and care. The traditional Japanese engraving technique used has been passed done from father to son for many generations, making these flutes true works of art.



Lip Plate