CSS-A Series

Steel Shells

Steel shells are used for their sharp attack and clear sound.

Shell Depth

The lineup includes two shell sizes: the 5 inch CSS-1450A, and the 6 1/2 inch CSS-1465A.

Coil Snares

Coil snares that produce a bright sound have been used in the CSS-A Series. Coil snares also sustain longer than straight snares, making it easier to play even-sounding rolls and generally providing easier playability for beginners.

Q Type Strainer

The Q type strainer lets you tighten or release your snares quickly and quietly.


Yamaha Remo Ambassador heads provide a bright tone.

Tube Lugs

The CSS-A Series employs the same tube lugs as the high-end wood shell models. By holding the tension of both the top and bottom heads with unified lugs, an optimal balance of tension between the heads is achieved.

Dyna Hoops

Dyna hoops constructed of 2.3 millimeter thick steel contribute to fast, well-defined attack.

Ring Mute

The supplied ring mute can be used to dampen overtones when a more clearly defined tone is required.