MBH-825 Bass Carriers Discontinued

Harness Type

An aluminum alloy is employed to achieve the optimum balance of weight and strength. Multiple adjustments are provided for a comfortable fit. A comprehensive range of size and instrument combinations is available.

Carrier Adjustment

[Shoulder Width and Height]

The harness can be freely adjusted to fit the player's body.

(1) Harness width

(2) Harness height

(3) Holder height

[Abdomen Plate]

(4) The drum height can be adjusted for optimum playing position. This feature also makes it possible to match playing surface height for multiple players.

[Playing Surface Angle Adjustment]

(5) The angle between the instrument and carrier can be adjusted to keep the playing surface horizontal while maintaining the most comfortable playing posture.

Holder Hooks

Holder hooks minimize vertical instrument shake, firmly holding the instrument even during dynamic moves.

4-point Support System

Two arms support the instrument from below while two hooks hold it from above, forming a 4-point support system. Support from above as well as below maximizes stability and hold. Plenty of height adjustment range is provided.