Indoor Events / Assemblies / Public Addresses [Mid-size]

Although this compact system can be set up quickly and easily, it offers the power and performance you need for speech or music playback at mid-sized indoor events and assemblies and supports live streaming. Ideal for audiences of up to 300.

- USB audio interface function on the mixer supports live streaming suitable for hybrid events. [Mixing console DM3 Standard]

- An effective, easily configured system consisting of 2x passive speakers mounted on speaker stands and requiring few cables, a power amplifier, and a mixing console.

- Versatile mixing console with max. 16 mono Mic/Line input capability for a wide range of events. [Mixing console DM3 Standard]

- 800W x 2 (8Ω) power amplifier equipped with a Configuration Wizard and speaker presets which optimize the speaker settings and match the system setup. [Power amplifier PX8]

- Powerful high-definition sound delivered by passive loudspeakers equipped with customized transducers that feature a highly responsive 15" woofer and a precise 3" compression driver. [Loudspeaker CZR12]

Category Model Name Qty
Mixing Console DM3 Standard 1
Power Amplifier PX8 1
Main Front Speaker CZR12 (Loudspeaker) 2
Subwoofer - -
Monitor Speaker - -



QuickPro Presets™ Provide Instant Access to Pro Sound Setups

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM3: QuickPro Presets™ for fast setup with professional sound

The QuickPro Presets™ feature included in DM3 series digital mixers was developed to provide optimum performance with a wide variety of microphones and output equipment. With these practical presets, even novice engineers can quickly achieve ideal sound, while experienced engineers will appreciate the significant time savings.

Speaker Processor and Preset

Speaker Processor and Preset

With using Config wizard the best optimized setup for each speaker necomes possible. Customers only choose filter and crossover for their each speaker system set up and connections. If using with Yamaha speakers, ready never before.

DM3 Standard

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM3 Standard

The portable DM3 Standard compact digital mixing console features versatile capabilities that make it perfect for a wide range of applications. The DM3 Standard offers superb sound quality, fast and easy setup and operation, and professional-level features.

- 8 + 1 fader configuration

- 22 input mixing channels: 16 mono + 1 stereo + 2 FX return

- 1 Stereo + 6 Mix, 2 FX, 2 Matrix (Supports Input to Matrix) buses

- 16 Mic/Line (12 XLR + 4 XLR/TRS Phones Combo) inputs

- 8 (XLR) outputs

- 18 Effects, and GEQ on Mix 1-6 and Stereo channels

- Direct 2-track recording to standard USB flash drives, or serious multitrack recording to a DAW via USB.

- "QuickPro Presets™" provide instant access to pro sound setups.

- Wireless remote control of a DM3 Standard is possible via an iPad app.



The versatile PX series power amplifiers lineup combines intelligent processing with high output power to meet the requirements of a vast range of sound reinforcement environments.

- 2x 800W at 8Ω

- 2x 1050W at 4Ω

- Newly developed Class-D amplifier engine with a custom LSI

- Flexible onboard PEQ, crossover, filters, delay, and limiter functions

- Yamaha Speaker presets

- Utlities for safe and secure operation


Yamaha CZR / CXS XLF Series

2-way loudspeaker with a 2” HF and a 12" LF

- Features Yamaha's own Wide Dispersion CD Waveguide Horn

- High power 800W(PGM) power handling and Bi-amp capable

- Floor monitoring setting enables mirroring configuration

- Lightweight yet very durable plywood cabinet with premium graded Polyurea coating

- Dual-angle pole socket

- Optional speaker cover (SPCVR-DZR12)

- Rotatable horn and variety of U-bracket options (UB-DZR12H/V) for rigging allow for very flexible setup and speaker placement

- Durable Black or white finish