There are many types of guitars

Choosing an Acoustic Guitar

Choose an acoustic guitar if you want to play accompaniment

There are many types of guitars, from classical guitars that have been around for many years, to electric guitars used to play rock and jazz. Each type has its own unique way of expressing sound. If acoustic guitars have one strength, it is that they are ideal for playing accompaniment. Acoustic guitars have thinner necks than even classical guitars, so it is easier to play chords on them. Another attractive aspect of acoustic guitars is that they can be carried around anywhere, making it relatively easy to play accompaniment.

Ideal for people with small hands

Acoustic guitars are recommended for women or smaller-framed men who want to play guitar but are worried that their hands are too small to play or their fingers are too weak to press the strings. These instruments have thin necks, and it is possible to enjoy playing after a relatively short time, merely by remembering a few basic chords. The size of a guitar and the shape of its neck varies by manufacturer, so it makes sense to search for an instrument that you find easy to play.