Thawatchai Harnkitchanurak

Mr. Thawatchai Harnkitchanurak the trainers of E-Sarn Drumline recruited youths who love drum beating from all parts of the northeastern area, and formed the group of drum beating competition named “E-Sarn Drumline” E-Sarn Drumline presents drum beating competition using western musical instruments together with Thai northeastern local (E-Sarn) musical instruments. The joyful E-Sarn tune and rhythm which is played to tease other competitors shows the personal characteristic of E-Sarn people.

Anusorn Pornneramith

Anusorn Pornneramith has more than 20 years of experience with percussion .He also served as a member of Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps and join in DCI 2002 and currently he is designs, teaches, clinician, arrange and consults many high school marching band ,drum corps and indoor percussion group all over Thailand and International and he is judges for some of the most nationally recognized percussion programs in Thailand and and also International (such as Thailand World Music Championship , Jember Open Marching Band Competition).