Tom Hunting

Yamaha Sessions: Tom Hunting & Jack Gibson of EXODUS live


Tom Hunting

Drummer Tom Hunting is a founding member of legendary Thrash metal band “Exodus”.

Being influenced by bands such as Motorhead or Iron Maiden, Exodus started off playing melodic hard rock. After some trouble with record labels, which lead to several changes among the band members, Exodus changed their style to a more aggressive sound. They finally released their debut album “Bonded by Blood” in 1985, which is still considered to be among the most influential Thrash albums of all time.

After more than 30 years of creating music the pioneers of Thrash metal are still active, touring the world and recording new records.

Drummer Tom Hunting is an essential part of Exodus‘sound. His precise timing, consistent speed and enormous volume make him one of metals hottest & most respected drummers.

Tom has played a classic black Recording Custom kit for most of his career before changing to the powerful Oak Custom shells in 2009.