Yamaha Audio System Enhances The Tranquil Atmosphere At Prestigious New Tokyo Hotel

Designed to give both overseas visitors and local business customers an unforgettable experience, the new Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier in Tokyo features stylish rooms and excellent facilities. The lobby and lounge area is a calm oasis for guests at the center of the hotel, with a soothing atmosphere created by a Yamaha audio system.

Left: Mr. Yuichi Uesugi, Project Manager of Planning Group at Mitsui Fudosan

Middle: Mr. Shinichi Kume, General Manager at Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier

Right: Ms. Mio Ueki, Director and Senior Music Designer of Mood Media Japan Inc.

Located close to Nihonbashi Bridge, the Nihonbashi district was the center of Edo (the historic name for Tokyo) until 1868 and is the meeting point of the historic Edo Five Routes (Tōkaidō, Nakasendō, Kōshū Kaidō, Ōshū Kaidō and Nikkō Kaidō). The Five Routes are still the most important transport corridors within Japan, which ensures Nihonbashi’s importance as a Tokyo business district has continued. The new Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier forms an important northern ‘gateway’ to the area.

The lobby area of Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier

Developed by real estate company Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd, the hotel has been designed to embrace both the history of Edo and the tastes of modern Tokyo, appealing to sophisticated overseas guests and Japanese business customers alike.

“The hotel is an important part of the district’s new development project and has been designed with the concept of ‘Nihonbashi Value’, to encourage guests to experience the high class, historic culture of the area,” says Mr. Yuichi Uesugi, Project Manager of Planning Group at Mitsui Fudosan. “For example, there are corridors that recreate those of the Edo era and furniture which reflects the classic, traditional designs of Edo Kiriko cut glass sculptures.”

As well as embracing Nihonbashi’s history, the hotel is designed to appeal to all five senses. Edo Rose aroma oil is created exclusively for the hotel, while the taste buds of guests are indulged by the Nihonbashi Asada restaurant, which offers exclusive breakfast and fine dining menus of speciality dishes from Kaga, in north-west Japan, inspired by 150 years of history. Meanwhile, Bar Matsu by Asada offers unique cocktail and bar menus.

Sight and touch are catered for by the quality of the hotel’s décor, furniture, fittings and exclusive artworks. When it came to the sense of hearing, Mr. Uesugi approached Mood Media Japan, a company with a high quality reputation for designing spaces with sound.

Mr. Yuichi Uesugi, Project Manager of Planning Group at Mitsui Fudosan

“For the hotel reception and lounge on the 9th floor, Mr. Uesugi asked us to create a cosy and relaxing space, setting it apart from the busy floors in the building,” says Ms. Mio Ueki of Mood Media Japan. “The reception and lounge area is embraced by abundant seasonal plants and art pieces, which express the Nihonbashi river. Our goal was to enhance the senses of this organic and tranquil space with music.”

Ms. Mio Ueki, Director and Senior Music Designer of Mood Media Japan Inc.

To realize this vision, Mood Media Japan chose a Yamaha solution, comprising four VXS5 full-range loudspeakers and a MA2030a mixer amplifier

“To provide a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in the lobby lounge and the public bath area, we chose music played on acoustic instruments like piano. A high quality system was needed to accurately reproduce the delicate sound of the instruments,” says Ms. Ueki.

“Another reason for choosing the VXS5 was because of its size and how the speakers would fit visually with the architecture of the space.”

The lounge area

Despite the small number of loudspeakers, the VXS5s easily fill the lobby with soothing, inviting sound. By placing them in the lounge area, guests can feel welcome by the hotel from the minute they enter the reception and as they walk through to their rooms.

“At first I wasn’t sure if four speakers could fill such a large space,” admits Ms. Ueki.

“However, the VXS5 sounds great at both low and higher levels and we are very satisfied with the choice. We are sure that we would not have achieved such a superior sound with a different system.”

The VXS5 speakers installed in every corner of the lounge area

Ms. Ueki confirms that the system installation was completed without any difficulties.

Of course, like all Yamaha audio products, the VXS5s and MA2030a are very reliable. The VXS5’s resistance to water and humidity is also valuable, as one of the speakers is located by the door to the outdoor patio.

The entrance to the patio, where the VXS5 perfectly fits to the wall and ceiling

The MA2030a power amplifier is in the audio rack in the backyard

Mr. Shinichi Kume, General Manager at Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier, is very pleased with the system, which he confirms is very easy for hotel staff to operate. “The music definitely has a positive influence on the atmosphere of the lobby. Among the five senses that we are appealing to, I believe that sound contributes most to our guests’ impression of the hotel,” he says.

Mr. Shinichi Kume, General Manager at Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier

“When they step out of the elevator, they feel that they have entered a completely different place. Many have said they feel very comfortable in the lobby and lounge. In the evening, the high quality acoustic music is complemented by lighting in warm, inviting colors.”

“To be honest, I did not expect music to make such a big difference,” adds Mr. Uesugi. “In previous projects we have used a single speaker for multiple purposes, such as music and announcements. At Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier, Ms. Ueki and Yamaha have shown what it means to install a dedicated background music audio system. We really like the music design. Although I am not an audio specialist, I truly believe the Yamaha speakers sound excellent.”

Tokyo, Japan