Seleção Brasileira (Brazilian Music Styles)

Following the incredible success of the first Brazilian Voice & Installation Pack, Yamaha is proud to announce the second Brazilian Pack, "Seleção Brasileira"!

The Seleção Brasileira Pack offers the best of real Brazilian music for you play in any situation, whether at home, live, or in the studio. If features 50 Brazilian Styles created by the best Brazilian musicians, six Voices with totally new samples, and two genuine Brazilian Percussion kits. You can play music from anywhere in Brazil—from the southern tip right up to the northeast! Try the Seleção Brasileira pack for an unforgettable musical experience!

Voices including: Cavaquinho | Bandolim | Bandolim TchTrm | Viola Caipira | Berimbau&Surdo | and more!

Styles including: Samba | Frevo | Axé 2 | Forró | Xote | Cururu | and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Contents may vary depending on the models.

New Voices and Styles packs are being delivered as encrypted data. You must use Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) to create a pack install file to load this pack into your instrument.



Presentation of "Brazilian" Expansion Pack on PSR-S650