PSR-F52: Lesson

Get the most out of your PSR-F52!

Enrich your musical journey by learning the many different ways to play your PSR-F52. Keyboard instruments and music itself become more enjoyable the better you become. The Yamaha Song Book is the main platform for improving your skills on the keys, so use it, Smart Chord, and other built-in features to enhance your enjoyment of practice and play! Yamaha helps you learn in every way imaginable.

Lesson 1: Learn basics to play Yamaha PSR-F52 with Smart Chord

Lesson 2: Playing "Frère Jacques"

Lesson 3: Playing "Der Froschgesang"

Lesson 4: Playing "Aloha Oe"

Lesson 5: Playing "Oh! Susanna"

Lesson 6: Playing "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity"

Lesson 7: Playing "Salut d’Amour op.12"

Lesson 8: Step-up Challenge! Playing "Der Froschgesang"

Yamaha is fully involved in music education and offers classes for keyboard lessons.

Check this page if you have purchased a keyboard and would like to start taking lessons at a Yamaha music school.