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Hybrid style DTX + Live Custom

Yamaha DTX Accessories x Bop Kit

Yamaha DTX Accessories x DTX450K

Yamaha´s free Song Beats App

Yamaha Electronic Drums DTX562K with Steve Fisher

Yamaha Electronic DrumsDTX 400K with Steve Fisher

DTX400 series, by Lucas Jiménez

DTX400, 502 and 700 series featuring Lucas Jiménez

DTX400 Sound Demo - 1/10 Maple Custom Kit

DTX400 Touch : Yamaha iOS App

DTX400 Training Mode - 1/10 Groove Check

Yamaha Song Beats V2.0 - Overview - iPhone App

Yamaha DTX 400 - Igor Falecki

Yamaha DTX 700

DTX502 series Features

Yamaha Song Beats - Overview - iPhone App

Yamaha Electronic Drums DTX400 Series

DTX400 Sound Demo - 1/10 Maple Custom Kit

DTX400 Sound Demo - 2/10 Oak Custom Kit

DTX400 Training Mode - 2/10 Rhythm Gate

Hybriddrumming with Yamaha Artist Merlin Ettore

Metronome app introduction

Yamaha DTX700 und Cubase AI5

Yamaha DTX700 and Cubase AI5

Gorden Campbell - First Impression of DTX-PAD

Tony Verderosa - First Impression of DTX-PAD

I Play DTX Drums

DTX950K/900K Extra Content 1 - Jazz Kit

DTX700 Series Introduction movie

Gorden & Marvin - M01

Andy Fisenden performs on the DTX950 - Vol.1

Marvin McQuitty - First Impression of DTX-PAD

Teddy Campbell - First Impression of DTX-PAD

Chris Hesse (Hoobastank) - First Impression of DTX-PAD

Kenny Arnoff

Ravi Drums

DTX950K/900K 01_DTX-PAD

DTX950K/900K 02_Preset Drum Kit

DTX950K/900K 03_Cymbals & Kick Pad

DTX-MULTI 12 01_Opening

DTX-MULTI 12 02_Preset Kit

DTX-MULTI 12 04_Play Mode

DTX-MULTI 12 05_Trigger Function

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DTX900 Series
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