A legacy in music instrument making.

An evolution in sound quality.

Discover Yamaha’s answer to endless music sharing – MusicCast.

What is MusicCast?

More than just multi-room.

Discover the powerful capabilities of Yamaha’s whole-home technology that elevates your listening experience in the spaces you love.

Reconnect with


The joy of music was meant to be shared. MusicCast provides easy access to your entire home entertainment library from anywhere in the home.

Intuitive Control

Touch or voice control – the choice is yours. Intuitively control a single MusicCast product or control an entire whole-of-home system with ease using Alexa and hear your home come alive.

*Availability of voice command control via Amazon Alexa varies by region.


without all the cables

MusicCast Surround technology enables you to be immersed in cinematic surround sound without the need for speaker cables being run to the back of the room.

Sound Bars

MusicCast BAR 400, MusicCast BAR 40

AV Receivers

RX-V Series: RX-V3085, RX-V2085, RX-V1085, RX-V685, RX-V585, RX-V485, RX-D485, RX-S602

AVENTAGE Series: CX-A5200, RX-A3080, RX-A2080, RX-A1080, RX-A880, RX-A780, RX-A680

By connecting wirelessly to 2 MusicCast 20 or 1 MusicCast 50 at the back of the room, you can enjoy blockbuster sound like never before.


Sound Bars

The all-in-one sound solution can now extend to other rooms with the power of MusicCast.

Sleek and compact

Seamless integration

Wide variety of performance levels to suit any home

Wireless Speakers

Versatile Speakers for any occasion that deliver sound beyond expectations.

Simple app and voice control

Instant playback features

Space-saving design with surprisingly big sound

AV Receivers

The beating heart of your home entertainment system is now even better.

Powerful performance

Seamless integration

Extensive features to suit all audio needs

Wireless Streaming Amplifiers

Update your existing wired Speakers or bring your existing setup into the future with MusicCast.

High-performance design

Versatile control and connectivity

Slim and inobtrusive (can be placed horizontally or vertically)

Multi-Room Amplifiers

Amplifiers designed expressly for Custom-Installed Multi-Room Audio.

Discreet and stylish integration

Effortless system structure

Power and pure performance

Hi-Fi Components

Trademark Yamaha sound quality – now shared throughout the house with ease.

Trademark sound quality

Endless connectivity

Multi-room capabilities across a wide range of sources

Hi-Fi Systems

Hi-Fi sound performance meets MusicCast versatility in a compact yet elegant package.

Hi-res sound quality

Endless connectivity

Multi-room technology combined with time-honoured craftsmanship

Renowned for being the most technologically advanced piano in the world, the self-playing Disklavier ENSPIRE brings real piano performances to any home. Now with the added power of MusicCast, the distinct beauty of Yamaha keys can be heard throughout the house.

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