Yamaha Develops Music:AI Vehicle Interior Sound Optimization Technology Powered by AI

High-End Amplifiers Equipped with Music:AI Set to Launch in 2025

Yamaha Corporation announces that it has developed Music:AI, AI-powered technology that optimizes sound in vehicle interior spaces to offer a completely new experience of music on the road. With an eye on mass production in 2025, Yamaha is developing a high-end amplifier that incorporates the technology, to be made available to automobile manufactures around the world.

With modern technological innovations, the vehicle cabin has begun to evolve into a second living room, where one can enjoy a wide variety of audio entertainment. This evolution calls for advanced optimization that conventional tuning technologies can't provide, such as rapid adjustments to increasingly complex sound systems, the application of acoustic characteristics suited to an increasingly diverse selection of music, movies, and other audiovisual contents, and personalization of sound quality. Trained on the expertise and sensibilities of Yamaha's exceptional tuning engineers, Music:AI allows you to experience music like never before.

for Cabin

Tuning sound for each vehicle model to make it suitable for the unique acoustic characteristics of that vehicle’s cabin is essential. Utilization of AI enables quick determination of optimal acoustic parameters from a seemingly endless number of possibilities, achieving superior sound quality that was previously unattainable.

for Music

Choosing the most suitable acoustic parameters for a song is necessary to achieve the fullest expression of that specific song. Utilization of AI enables optimization of any kind of sound in real-time. It also contributes to driving safety by eliminating the need for the driver to make adjustments to the sound.

for Person

The optimal balance of highs and lows ultimately depends on personal preference. Based on communication with the listener, AI determines the acoustic parameters most suitable for that individual. This innovative approach allows you to discover anew sound that you prefer.


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