Yamaha releases VKE Series loudspeakers for a Wide Range of Installed Applications.

February 24, 2022, Shizuoka, Japan

Yamaha Corporation announces new additions to its professional audio lineup: VKE Series loudspeakers.

VKE Series is a versatile loudspeaker system with the enclosure design, sound quality, and durability optimized for fixed installation. Offering a peak power of 1400 W and a maximum SPL of 129 dB (VKE2015), VKE Series loudspeakers feature a 15-mm plywood enclosure that delivers the sonic performance demanded in professional audio applications. The front grille features a rotatable logo, while the bottom is equipped with a 35-mm pole socket and the rear with a handle, making it suitable for portable as well as installed applications.

Suited to a range of applications from entertainment to enterprise

With the quality demanded for commercial use, the versatile VKE Series possesses the flexibility needed for a range of applications that require high sound pressure and high durability. It supports from public address systems oriented to facilities such as large corporate conference rooms and lecture halls and gymnasiums in educational institutions, to sound reinforcement systems for small- and medium-sized multipurpose spaces and night clubs/bars.


Bar / Club

Multipurpose spaces


Educational facilities

Corporate facilities

Yamaha Loudspeakers VKE Series

VKE Series

A versatile loudspeaker system for fixed installation with the appearance, sound quality, and durability of a PA.