Yamaha Launches a New Concept "Casual Wind Instrument Venova™" That Is Fun to Play and Can Become a Part of Everyone's Musical Life


April 5, 2017, Hamamatsu―Yamaha Corporation announced the introduction of its newly developed casual wind instrument, Venova, which can be started with ease, yet produces an authentic sound.

The Venova is a completely new type of wind instrument that offers the expressiveness of a single-reed instrument while using a simple recorder-like fingering system. Easy to maintain and extremely durable, the Venova is compact and light in weight, allowing players to enjoy music anywhere.

To create this new instrument with these outstanding features, Yamaha drew on its knowledge and experience gained from many years of research and development and adopted an innovative branched pipe structure in the Venova.

With a "branched pipe" added to the cylindrical bore and a single-reed design, the Venova gives the tone of a single-reed wind instrument with a conical bore, like a saxophone, but has a more compact form.

Also, giving the pipe a meandering shape shrinks the distance between tone holes, thus making closing the tone holes with fingers easier and simplifies the structure to minimize the use of keys. Even persons who are new to wind instruments will find it easy to learn and play.

Within the constraints of a simple structure, based on simulations using Yamaha's acoustic analysis technology, the designs of the bore and tone holes have been optimized, and the Venova achieves a two-octave range. These features of the Venova make it capable of a wide spectrum of musical expression with a tone similar to a saxophone.

In addition, by making the body of the instrument with ABS resin, the Venova is light, durable, and easy to keep in good playing condition. The pads are also durable and can withstand a variety of conditions and the material used for the body of the instrument has been chosen to complement this. The result is an instrument that is fun to play anywhere and in wide variety of styles.

Commenting on the new model, a Yamaha spokesperson stated: "The Venova is a truly unique instrument that is fun to play and offers a new way for people to bring music into their life. The innovative branched pipe structure marks a real step forward for wind instrument design and being a single reed instrument, it offers a wide range of expressive capabilities. The use of a simple recorder-like fingering system means that the Venova is easy to learn and to play."

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