City Council Upgrades With Yamaha CIS, Consoles, and NEXO ID24

Two Chambers Outfit San Antonio Building

Clarity Media Group (CMG) of Portland, Oregon recently upgraded the San Antonio, Texas City Council Building, replacing most of the existing audio equipment in the building with Yamaha and NEXO systems.

The facility is comprised of one large chamber and a multi-use "B" room that is also used as a dais and for other meetings. There are several small rooms with 70-volt audio piped in, all tied into a broadcast control room. 24 podium microphones are positioned in the main chamber and 16 are located in the smaller dais. The chamber is broken into 20 individual speaker mixes, and the smaller space is broken into 7.

“The main requirement for a replacement system was that all mics must be able to be open without any feedback and that speaking at all volume levels could occur between people within the various spaces,” states Travis Cibolski, co-owner and system designer, CMG.

Cibolski said CMG chose a combination of Yamaha consoles and CIS (Commercial Installation Solutions) product as well as NEXO products to accomplish their goal. Two Yamaha QL5 Digital Audio Consoles were installed in the main chamber, one primary and one as backup. The system also includes 20 channels of a Rupert Neve 5045 Primary Source Enhancer. Microphones are connected to Yamaha Ri8-D Dante input boxes routed through Yamaha SWP1-16MMF L2 network switches. Audio is sent between the main chamber and the control room via fiber. All dais speakers are powered with Yamaha XMV8140-D amplifiers. The main audience space is covered with a pair of NEXO ID24 speakers powered by a NEXO DTD controller and amp.

“We chose the Yamaha and NEXO systems because we knew they would play well together and provide excellent sound quality, Cibolski says. Also, with the inclusion of the built-in Dugan auto mixer within the Yamaha consoles, we knew it would be a perfect fit in this environment. The system did not disappoint. We ended up with a very easy to operate and natural sounding system for our client.”

The "B" room houses a Yamaha QL1 Digital Audio Cosnole and 16 Yamaha CIS VXC3FW ceiling speakers as well as a VXS10SW sub separated into 7 distinct zones and powered by a Yamaha XMV8280-D amplifier. The system also includes a Yamaha SWP1-16MMF network L2 switch with the room tied back to the main control room via fiber.

Both systems are processed via a Yamaha MRX7-D processor, and 8 Yamaha Ro8-D Dante output boxes provide outputs to the facility’s broadcast mix.

“We had less than a week to get the system installed and tested, notes Matthew Marschlowitz, Broadcast Engineer, Government & Public Affairs, San Antonio City Council Building. Clarity Media was able to finish the install in half the time with great results. We have been running the two rooms for over two months with no problems and many compliments.”

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