New Hard Rock Café Enjoys The Yamaha Touch

Hard Rock Café is arguably one of the most recognised names in popular, family-orientated dining, its mixture of American style food and music memorabilia continuing to attract millions of customers across the world. One of its newest outlets is in Lyon, France, which features a Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) system.

As with all Hard Rock Cafés, the Lyon outlet features dining, live performance, a shop and public circulation areas, as well as a private dining area and a meeting room. Systems integrator Eurosono was contracted to install the audio system, choosing a zoned Yamaha CIS solution because it delivers great sound with very flexible control.

“A main requirement was that each zone and a range of audio sources had to be managed from a centralised point,” says Frédéric Borde of Yamaha Music Europe France. “A Dante audio network was installed throughout the venue, so control via Yamaha’s ProVisionaire Touch iPad app was ideal, as it can be highly customised and used anywhere in the venue.”

The eight-zone system is managed by an MTX5-D matrix mixer/signal processor, with control via a bespoke ProVisionaire Touch design. Six DCP1V4S surface-mount panels are located in the system rack for emergency manual control of each zone, with two more (linked via a DCH8 hub) in convenient locations. Six VXC6W ceiling speakers cover the shop, entrance and private dining area, with eight NS-IC600 ceiling speakers covering the meeting room, toilets, corridor and cellar. An XMV8140-D power amplifier drives the loudspeakers.

The live area hosts three performances each week and here a Yamaha TF1 digital mixing console handles FoH and monitor mixes, with a Tio1608-D i/o rack patching the main mix into the venue’s Dante network. Four active DXR10 loudspeakers provide monitor mixes for the performers.

“Eurosono chose the Yamaha solution because the system delivers high quality sound, the Dante network makes for great flexibility and it has been very easy to program a bespoke control system in ProVisionaire Touch,” says Frédéric. “Live music is a key part of the Hard Rock Café experience, so the TF1 console’s ease and speed of use, and the simplicity of routing live mixes to the installed system, were further reasons for choosing the Yamaha solution.”