Yamaha Music Hall & Room

Yamaha Music Hall Rate

Weekday Weekend & Public Holiday
(Monday-Friday) (Saturday-Sunday)
1 Hour : 2,000 THB 1 Hour : 2,500 THB
3 Hours : 5,000 THB 3 Hours : 6,000 THB
6 Hours : 8,000 THB 6 Hours : 10,000 THB
Grand Piano : S7X Grand Piano : S7X
Sound System : Active Field Control Sound System : Active Field Control

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1. Payment

The rental fee is due in full at least 15 days before the date of the use. Additional Charges: If any charges are incurred during the event, an additional invoice will be forwarded to the lessee.

2. Set Up & Decorations

2.1 Lessee must provide written notice to SIAM MUSIC YAMAHA CO., LTD. at least SEVEN (7) Days prior to the event, if using their own equipment or the building elevator.

2.2 Floral arrangements, decorations and so on, must be free standing so as not to damage or deface the premises.

2.3 No balloons and helium balloons, or any other flammable products are allowed to be used inside of the building.

2.4 Lessee is not permitted to install any items with nails, screws, tape, double-sided tape, wall gum or stickers on the wall, woodwork or glass.

2.5 Lessee is not permitted to hang any items from the ceiling, sprinkler piping, sprinkler heads or any room electrical wiring and electrical equipment.

3. Food & Beverage

3.1 No food and beverages are allowed inside of Yamaha Music Hall Recording Studio, Piano Studio 1, Piano Studio 2, Piano Laboratory, YMC Multi-purpose 1 and Multi-purpose 2.

3.2 Lessee shall make arrangements with Siam Music Yamaha Co., LTD. in advance and have the banquet plan pre-approved in order to arrange a coffee break to be provided. However, cooking or using electrical equipment/kitchenware in the 4th floor area is not allowed.

3.3 No alcoholic beverages are allowed under any circumstances.

4. Smoking

No smoking is allowed inside of the building.

5. Damage & Responsible

If there is any damage to the facility and equipment or any of the buildings contents during the rental period, the lessee shall be responsible for any and all damages to the building, facility and equipment caused by lessee or anyone associated with lessee's use. Siam Music Yamaha Co., Ltd does not assume liability for any personal property of equipment of lessee or lessee's guest.

6. Emergency

In the event of an emergency, the lessee shall follow the instructions of the on site administrator.