Yamaha Piano/ Electone/ Guitar Courses

Adult Piano Course (Individual/ Pair)
Overview : A piano course for adults
Description : -
Age : No age restriction
Duration : Approximately 2 years
Instruction : Individual or paired lesson
Remarks : No piano background required



Yamaha Popular Piano
Overview : Popular Piano
Description : This course is suitable for students who wish to be able to play piano in a short time. The course does not emphasize the techniques as much as how to coordinate the right and left hands. Students will also develop the understanding of Western popular music, and reading chord charts along with notes for the right hand.
Age : Students who have completed Adult Piano Book 2 or Pianoforte Book 3.
Duration : Approximately 3 years
Instruction : Individual or a group of 1-4 students
Remarks : -



Pianoforte ( Individual/Pair )
Overview : Pianoforte Course
Description : A piano course for children six years old and up with an emphasis on listening, singing, playing and improvisational skills. The course is progressive and covers singing, Solfege Keyboard Harmony, Sight Playing, aural skills and lays a foundation of music composition, which will be basic skills for composition and improvisation. The books include CD’s from Japan and variety of music from different periods written by renowned composers.
Age : 6 years or older
Duration : Approximately 6 years (equivalent to Yamaha Grade 6)
Instruction : Individual, pair, or a group of 4-6 students
Remarks : -



Junior Electone Course : JEC
Overview : Electone for children
Description : A new electone course for those who want to study electone seriously. Students will achieve their goals in performance, composition, and arranging through their creativity developed in this course. Students will also explore and edit sounds on the electone, play a wide variety of repertoire from course books arranged and designed sound by electone teachers and students from all over the world.
Age : Students who have completed JSFC Books 2 or YESC Book 3.
Duration : Approximately 5 years
Instruction : Individual, pair or a group of 4-6 students
Remarks : -



Yamaha Electone Study Course : YESC
Overview : An electone course
Description : This Yamaha copyrighted course has gone through extensive research and Yamaha can especially assure the quality of this YESC course that many world-class artists and musicians have taken. The wide variety of sound compiled in the electone helps students develop their sensitivity that leads to their limitless ability to improvise.
Age : 6 years or older
Duration : Approximately 5 years
Instruction : Individual, pair or a group of 8-10 students
Remarks : -



Junior Guitar Course : JGC
Overview : A guitar course for children
Description : Students do not need to wait till they are in their teens, but the can enjoy their guitar lessons at Yamaha when they are 8-11 years old with Junior Guitar Course developed with the same principle used in Junior Music Course (JMC). The course fosters the foundation in music and correct basic guitar playing through musical activities, singing, and listening. Students will be able to sing and play the guitar at the same time, and develop skills in playing solo and in an ensemble.
Age : 8-11 years old
Duration : Approximately 2 years
Instruction : Group lesson (2-5 students)
Remarks : -



Yamaha Guitar Course : YGC
Overview : A guitar course
Description : A guitar curriculum developed to perfection by Yamaha, starting from basic guitar playing, music literacy, theory, various style in chord chart playing—folk, classical, flamenco, or popular, to classical guitar in the intermediate to advanced levels. The lessons are progressive, and students will be able to analyze and adapt the styles by themselves. Many Yamaha guitar students in Thailand have become leading guitarists and winners of various world-class guitar competitions.
Age : 12 years and older
Duration : Approximately 3 years
Instruction : Individual or group (approximately 6 students)
Remarks : -