Since lessons are taught using original textbooks and repertoires created with Yamaha's long-time know-how, experienced and first-time violinists can start lessons with confidence. Lessons start with basic exercises such as how to hold a bow, fingering of the left hand, and how to read sheet music, as well as the bowing technique to express the beauty of tone and the position of the fingering. Furthermore, there is also a corner where you can learn harmonies and musical instruments from the initial stage, so that a wide range of playing styles can be accommodated. Lessons are conducted according to the needs of beginners and experienced players who say, 'I want to start playing the violin', 'I want to learn from the basics', and 'I want to do better’.

Course Detail

  • learn violin techniques from experts who have been trained and audition, by the Yamaha Music Academy and have evaluation from Yamaha Music Foundation from Japan that has been recognized more than 40 countries around the world.


  • Posture
  • Exercise, Scale
  • Repertoire
  • Music Theory, Music History, Music Sign
  • Note Reading and Writing
  • Improvisation
Age Length ~5 Years
Class Type Group Lesson and Individual Lesson
Class Length 60 Minuets
Course Length 36 Months
Continually Yes