Lessons are taught using original textbooks and repertoires produced with Yamaha's long-term know-how, experienced users as well as those new to flute can start lessons with confidence.

The textbook contains a lot of practice songs that contain the know-how to make beautiful notes, and since the first lesson is designed so that you can play the notes without overdoing it, even those who have no experience at all can start the lessons with confidence. Moreover, you can also experience playing techniques and rhythms unique to popular music such as bossa nova and jazz.

Course Detail

  • Learning the blowing instrument In addition to our musical skills like reading or playing It also helps to control the muscles used in breathing.
  • We can apply in other skills such as play sport too.


  • Mouthpiece and instrument position
  • Finger training
  • Scale and interval
  • Exercise and repertoire
Age Length ~8 Years
Class Type Group Lesson and Individual Lesson
Class Length 60 Minuets
Course Length 24 Months
Continually Yes