Lessons are taught using original textbooks and repertoires created with Yamaha's long-time know-how, so experienced users as well as those new to guitar can start lessons with confidence.

Lessons start with the basics: right-hand picking, left-hand fingering, and how to read TAB sheet music. You will learn techniques such as strokes and arpeggios in practice with themes of songs such as Classical and Popular In addition, from the initial stage, learn various chord types, such as open chords and barre chords, and pursue a style that crosses various genres, from how to play to solo style, 'I want to play an acoustic guitar', 'from the basics We offer lessons according to the needs of students, from beginners to experienced players Each center has different instruments, so please contact the center for more information.

Course Detail

  • The curriculum is standardized by the Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan.
  • The curriculum is consistent with the development of the learners.
  • Develop all-round learning skills necessary to play the guitar, including playing, reading, writing and creativity.
  • Have fun with both individual and group learning activities.
  • There are measurements and evaluations. after the course


  • Melody Exercise
  • Scales
  • Chord Exercise
  • Training (Technique)
  • Ensemble Pieces
  • Solo Pieces
  • Improvisation (starts at volume 3)
Age Length ~6 Years
Class Type Group Lesson and Individual Lesson
Class Length 60 Minuets
Course Length 36 Months
Continually Yes