Lessons are taught using original textbooks and repertoires created with Yamaha's long-time know-how, so experienced users as well as those new to Acoustic Guitar can start lessons with confidence. Lessons start with the basics: right-hand picking, left-hand fingering, and how to read TAB sheet music. You will learn techniques such as Scale and arpeggios in practice with themes of various popular songs . In addition, from the initial stage, learn various chord types, such as open chords and barre chords, and pursue a style that crosses various genres, from how to play to solo style, We offer lessons according to the needs of students, from beginners to experienced players.

Course Detail

  • The skills learned can be applied for any modern popular songs without difficulty.


  • Knowing all Acoustic guitar part
  • Learn how to read note and tab
  • Chord pattern and Scale
  • Strumming and fingering on acoustic guitar
  • Play acoustic guitar on various style such as finger style,bossa nova
Age Length ~6 Years
Class Type Group Lesson and Individual Lesson
Class Length 60 Minuets
Course Length 24 Months
Continually Yes