Music Wonderland (For 3-year-olds)

3-year-olds are very fond of imagination. We cultivate their rich expressive ability through music.

It is said that it is around the age of 3 that the inner self of a person is formed, revealing emotions such as tenderness, joy, and sadness. Exposure to real music at this age nurtures a rich sensitivity and provides the foundation for the ability to listen and actively express oneself. At this age, children are making huge development in sensitivity and understanding. Rather than trying to teach them, it is important to enhance their progress by having them sing, dance and embrace the joy of music using their whole body.

In this course, we use high-quality musical and visual learning material to develop their imagination. In our group lesson, they will meet friends with different personalities and be encouraged to explore one’s potential. Taking a lesson with you allows them to relax and be proactive, helping you to create a music-friendly environment also at home.

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Course Contents

・ Aural and rhythm training

・ Solfege and lyric singing

・ Keyboard playing

・ Music Appreciation

・ Imagination

Age range

・ 3 years old

Duration of course

・ 1 year

Lesson Style

・ Group

Number of lessons

・ XX lessons per month

Time of lessons

・ 50 min

Attendance by a parent or guardian

・ Required

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