Junior Step Fundamental Course (For 6-8-year-olds)

Children will learn comprehensive keyboard-playing skills in a fun way, while feeling motivated to “enjoy music” and “express oneself through music”.

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Children at this age start to show willingness to participate and practice, as their ability to move fingers develop.

During the course, they will acquire basic keyboard-playing skills through our comprehensive program, which includes not only playing on an instrument but also listening to music, reading scores, and singing expressively.

They will also be motivated to play more and become confident.

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・ Repertoire playing

・ Aural development

・ Ensemble playing

・ Chord playing

・ Lyric/solfege singing

Age range

・ 6-8 years old

Duration of course

・ 1 year

Lesson Style

・ Group

Number of lessons

・ XX lessons per month

Time of lessons

・ 60 min

Attendance by a parent or guardian

・ Not required

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