Junior Music Course (For 4-5-year-olds)

Listening skills develop especially well at ages 4 and 5. Many enjoyable experiences of listening to, singing and playing music greatly enriches their “musical sense”.

Children at this age show a remarkable development in their sense of listening.

Listening to, singing and playing a lot of music and embracing it with their mind and body, they learn to perceive various expressions and nuances in the music and naturally develop their “musical sense”. The “musical sense” here refers not only to the ability to understand the pitch of notes but also to the ability to perceive the various expressions of music, such as key, beat, rhythm, harmony, strength, and weakness. This musical sense makes a big difference in one's ability to perform and express oneself throughout one's life, even after elementary school.

In the Junior Music Course, children naturally develop their musicality in two years through the process of singing what they hear and playing what they sing. Singing and playing with other children helps them to learn the sense of tempo, and the sense of ensemble, which are the benefits of a group lesson.

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These videos were shot in Japan.

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・ Aural and rhythm training

・ Solfege and lyric singing

・ Ensemble playing

・ Harmony training

・ Keyboard playing

・ Music appreciation

・ Reading and writing

Age range

・ 4-5 years old

Duration of course

・ 2 years

Lesson Style

・ Group

Number of lessons

・ XX lessons per month

Time of lessons

・ 60 min

Attendance by a parent or guardian

・ Required

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