Apple Course (For 2-year-olds)

We foster your little one’s sensitivity, emotions and spontaneity through interesting and enjoyable musical activities.

Young children develop by absorbing things through “playing”.

The course contents include not only educational sound material (audio files) but also singing, playing with rhythm, and appreciation of live music played by teachers. Exposure to a variety of authentic musical experiences in the fun way cultivates children’s sensitivity and emotions and enhances mental development.

These videos were shot in Indonesia.

Feature image Feature image

・ Rhythm training

・ Lyric singing

・ Imagination with music

・ Music appreciation

Age range

・ 2 years old

Duration of course

・ 1 year

Lesson Style

・ Group

Number of lessons

・ XX lessons per month

Time of lessons

・ 40 min

Attendance by a parent or guardian

・ Required

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