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FAQs (Children Courses)

During a trial lesson, parents and children are invited to experience a segment of the course, offering a glimpse into the teaching approach. In a lesson observation, participants witness an ongoing group session, gaining insights into the class dynamics and lesson content.

The Junior Music Course encourages parental participation as it significantly impacts a child's musical journey. Young ones often aspire to be like mom and dad, and their involvement sparks an early love for music. Parental presence fosters a sense of security and happiness in children, enhancing their engagement and learning experience. On top of that, it aids parents in guiding their children's music practice at home.

Yamaha Music School emphasizes holistic musical development for young learners. Unlike private piano lessons that focus mainly on reading and playing music, our curriculum, encompassing "listen, sing, play, read, and create," cultivates fundamental music skills effectively. While it may seem different at first, this approach lays a robust foundation for 6 to 7-year-olds, whose fingertips are rapidly developing, paving the way for solid performance skills.