Nikolay Khozyainov


Nikolay Khozyainov

Born in Blagoveshchensk, a city in Russian Far East in July of 1992, Nikolay Khozyainov began to play the piano at the age of five. He studied at Central Musical School of the Moscow P.I.Tchaikovsky Conservatory (1999-2010). Nikolay studied with Yury Lisichenko. Since 2005 he is a pupil of professor Mikhail Voskresensky. Nikolay is a student of Moscow Conservatory since 2010. Nikolay was awarded: -1st Prize and Special Prize for the best performance of "Rondo-Capriccioso" by F. Mendelssohn at the International Piano Competition "Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte"(Czech Republic, 2003), -1st Prize at the IX International Carl Filtsch Piano Competition (Romania, 2004), -2nd prize at the VI Moscow International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition for young pianists in Moscow, special prize "for the best performance of miniatures" (2008). Nikolay Khozyainov was the youngest finalist of the XVI International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, Poland (October 2010). His mature and sensitive artistry has impressed public, music lovers and observers. He got excellent critics as the very good interpreter of Chopin`s music. -In 2012, Nikolay has won the 1st prize at the Dublin International Piano Competition 2012 . -In 2012, Nikolay was awarded the 2nd prize and People"s choice prize at the 10th Sydney International Piano Competition. He also got the following special prizes: "For the best performance of both Concertos voted by members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra", "For the best performance of a work by Liszt", "For the best performance of a work by Schubert", "For the best performance of a virtuoso study", "For the youngest finalist".

Nikolay has performed in renowned concert halls of Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, USA, Japan and others. He also often appears in concerts with orchestras, including Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2011, CD Accord released Nikolay's Khozyainov's CD (worldwide distributor Naxos) consisting works by Chopin and Liszt. In 2012, the Nikolay's his another CD was released by Chopin Institute in Warsaw consisting works by Chopin. In October 2012 the next CD by Nikolay was released by JVC Victor in Japan.



[Q1. Which artists have influenced you the most?]

In general, I love listening to and communicating with musicians of older generations. After this I always have a feeling of wisdom and of creative enrichment. The energy, which has accumulated over the generations is transmitted through such musicians. For me it is most of all Sergey Rachmaninov. His playing and the compositions themselves impress with such depth and seriousness, have such an enormous power of thought and feeling, it not only touches but deeply amazes the listener. I listen very often to the works of this composer and pianist and carry them in my heart.

[Q2. What are your impressions of Yamaha pianos?]

I take a big pleasure in playing the Yamaha piano, it is always very sensitive to what I feel and want to express in music. This piano unfolds a magnificent world of sounds, its tenderness and richness of the tones remain in my mind for a long time. I would like to note that the CFX has a wonderful upper register with unique expressiveness, and also has a powerful and beautiful bass. The presence of all these qualities would make any piano wonderful, but only wonderful. What the CFX has in addition, is a spiritual energy which is deeply connecting the piano with my heart and soul, that is what makes the Yamaha CFX a unique instrument.

[Q3. What does music, or the piano, mean to you?]

Every person has their own inner life, which unfolds to people through his or her actions and deeds. My inward life is reflected through musical sounds, which are a reflection of who I am as a musician, and my condition at the moment. When I play I am communicating with the audience through musical sounds; my playing expresses my feelings, my emotions. My music also reflects my life, my journey in this world which is not smooth and cloudless, but thorny and bumpy. Classical music enriches people spiritually, you become wiser, your perception of life itself is evolves, you feel yourself mature as a person.

[Q4. Which are your favorite performance venues?]

Most important for me is to have an understanding, clever audience at the concert. I would like mention the Great and Small halls of the Moscow Conservatory, where the energy of the great artists of the past is still felt. We don't have them with us anymore, but I anyway feel their presence. There are good acoustics in Carnegie Hall, Berlin Kozerthaus, where I have enjoyed performing. I can't forget to mention Hamarikyu Asahi Hall in Tokyo where it was very comfortable to play, and where the atmosphere and mood of the listeners was so impressive. In May 2014 I will perform in London Wigmore hall, I heard that it has wonderful acoustics and I look forward to it.

[Q5. Do you have a message for people learning the piano?]

Everyone creates his own universe while moving forward in life. The true purpose of human life is to live, not just to exist. We meet difficulties, obstacles; to surmount obstacles is also life. To live is to constantly move forward. The one who wins in life, is he who doesn't give up after one misfortune, and in fact preservers even after hundred failures. Everyone must understand very well that the one who succeeds is the one who works hard.

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