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Digital Piano Controller

Digital Piano ControllerDigital Piano Controller

Intuitive touch-screen operation! Enjoy a variety of digital piano functions with ease.

P-255 Controller

P-255 ControllerP-255 Controller

Intuitive touch screen operation! Select Voices and Rhythms, Keyboard Touch Sensitivity and more with ease, Using the dedicated P-255 full controller.



Faders is a Core MIDI application that controls external MIDI devices by sending MIDI control change messages from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Repertoire Finder

Repertoire FinderRepertoire Finder

Expand your Repertoire, maximize your musical enjoyment. Using Repertoire Finder you can quickly and easily find new registration song settings.

DTX400 Touch

DTX400 TouchDTX400 Touch

Take control! DTX400 Touch offers an innovative way of interacting with the Yamaha DTX400 series. It’s now even easier to customise the sound that you want!

My Music Recorder

My Music RecorderMy Music Recorder

My Music Recorder is a free application designed for parents to easily record, archive and share their children's daily musical performances.

Sound Controller

Sound ControllerSound Controller

Sound Controller allows you to control and manipulate the sound of a compatible and connected Yamaha keyboard.

DTX400 Drum Lessons

DTX400 Drum LessonsDTX400 Drum Lessons

This iApp uses video to teach the basics of drumming and demonstrate how the DTX400 series can help anyone to get started playing the drums.

MusicSoft Manager

MusicSoft ManagerMusicSoft Manager

You can use this app to connect your Yamaha digital instrument with an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to backup your instrument data or restore data to your instrument. You can also use the Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing feature to transfer data from your c...

Piano Diary

Piano DiaryPiano Diary

Piano Diary is a free Core MIDI application designed to easily record, archive and share your daily piano performances.